7 Best Social Proof Software Tools of 2020: Increase Conversions with Social Proof

If your website isn’t converting visitors, it may be time to invest in social proof! Social proof software can add more authenticity and trust to your website, so visitors are more likely to trust in your brand. The best social proof software can seriously improve conversions, leads, and sales, so it is a great investment for your business’ website! 

Many websites forget about trust factors like social proof, but this is an essential factor of CRO. Find the best social proof software tools to improve your conversion rate.

What is Social Proof?

Social proof is also known as informational social influence. In marketing, social proof is used to improve conversions by getting visitors to trust your products or services. The idea behind social proof tools is that web visitors are more likely to trust your brand if they see that other customers have trusted it and been satisfied. 

Consumers are less likely to trust brands trying to sell to them, but they will trust their fellow consumers. By showing that other visitors have bought your product and enjoyed it, you’ll make new visitors trust that they won’t regret their purchase. 

Research has shown that 91% of people read reviews before making a purchase. Having reviews and social proof on your site will help improve trust right on your sales page, so users are less likely to leave your website and forget to come back. 

Use these social proof tools to gain visitor’s trust and increase conversions!

7 Best Social Proof Tools:

      1. ProveSource
      2. Boast
      3. Provely
      4. Fomo
      5. Proof
      6. Notifia 
      7. TrustPulse



ProveSource is a comprehensive social proof toolkit. This software offers various types of social proof, so you can choose the method that best fits your website and products. It is compatible with various platforms, including WordPress, Shopify, WooCommerce, and more.

With ProveSource, you can choose from several different snippets to share different types of information. A small box will pop up on your site whenever a visitor is on the page, sharing this information to show them that other visitors have purchased your products or services. 

ProveSource can stream individual actions, for example one that says something like “Erin from Australia just bought ProveSource!”. It can also display customer reviews, a real-time visitor counter, the number of visitors who made a purchase over a given time frame, the number of page visits, and more. You can customize your ProveSource snippet to show the information that is most relevant to your customers!


  • Easy set up
  • Various social proof options
  • Reporting and metrics
  • Customizable snippets
  • Social counters and website counters



  • Free: Limited plan at no cost
  • Starter: $21/month, or $18/month billed annually
  • Growth: $54/month, or $45/month billed annually



ProveSource is a great way to gain visitors trust and improve conversions. Their free plan is a great way to test drive this tool before signing up for the full package. 

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Boast is the best social proof tool for collecting testimonials. Customer reviews are a great trust factors, but some are more convincing than others. A video testimonial is a strong piece of social proof, as it shows a real person talking about how much they love your brand. If you’re looking for convincing social proof, Boast is a great tool. 

Boast works by helping you add a testimonial submission form to your website, so clients and customers can easily submit their testimonials. It also helps to create a landing page for those testimonials with an easy embed code – you don’t need web design experience to add this software to your website! 

Boast can also help you ask customers for a testimonial, and track who you’ve contacted. Just ask happy customers to submit a testimonial and direct them to these pages. Edit and approve testimonials before they go up on the site so that they match your desired goals. You can even use Boast to push those testimonials out to your social channels.


  • Testimonial submission form
  • Testimonial editing and publishing
  • Easy to use
  • Track which customers have left reviews
  • Share testimonials to social media



  • Starter: $19/month, or $16/month billed annually
  • Basic: $49/month, or $41/month billed annually
  • Professional: $99/month, or $83/month billed annually
  • Premium: $199/month, or $166/month billed annually



If video testimonials are the best choice for your website, then Boast is your best option. It makes requesting, receiving, and publishing video testimonies easier than ever. 

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Provely is another top pick for social proof. You only have to add one small piece of code to your site and this tool will help to improve your conversion rate – no coding experience needed. 

Similar to ProveSource, Provely uses small widgets that pop up on your website wherever you place them (typically the bottom left or right corner). You can design your widget to match your  website’s colors and choose what information it displays. It typically displays messages about sales or leads, like “John K. just signed up for Provely!” This can convince visitors that they can also trust the site and sign up themselves!

You can choose to show real-time activity, rotating activity, or past activity so that there’s always a new Provely widget popping up. Provely offers subtle social proof that won’t distract visitors, but may convince them to convert. 


  • Social proof widgets to display leads and sales
  • Customizable colors to match your brand
  • Various display options 
  • Easy to install 



  • Basic: $17/month or $97/year
  • Pro: $27/month or $147/year
  • Ultimate: $37/month or $196/year



Provely is an easily integrated social proof tool. It’s on the less expensive side, so if you’re looking to add some basic social proof, this is a great pick.

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Fomo is another social proof marketing tool, named after the fear of missing out. The same principle of FOMO applies to social proof: when you see other people buying a product, you don’t want to miss out on something great.

Fomo is another social proof tool that creates unobstructive pop-up notifications on your website. You can customize pop-ups to show conversions and sales, or to display updates on how they’re using the product. This way customers don’t only see sales, but how customers are using the product or service. 

Fomo also offers great insights to see what pop-ups work the best for your website, so you can learn as you use this tool for social proof. It works in 27 languages and integrates with 100s of platforms like Zapier, Shopify, Hubspot, MailChimp, and many more. 


  • Customizable social proof pop-ups
  • Smart settings
  • Insights and analytics tracking
  • Lots of integrations 



  • Starter: $19/month
  • Essential: $39/month
  • Plus: $79/month
  • Advanced: $199/month

Sign up for a full year to save 30%!



Fomo is a great tool for social proof with a lot of unique features. For the price, you get lots of features, integrations, and a great, customizable social trust tool. 

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Proof has two tools: Pulse, their social proof pop-ups, and Experiences, a personalized website experience for each visitor. Their Pulse tool boasts an average conversion increase of 10% for their customers.

Proof’s Pulse tool shows different stats to improve conversions, like “Hot Streaks” which shows how many new customers have converted in a certain period of time. You can also use this tool to show how many visitors are live on your site, or show various recent activities taken. Proof is easy to set up and allows for customized options. 

Proof also offers advanced analytics, so you can track how their tool works. It also allows for A/B testing, so you can try two different pop-ups and see which works better. Their Experiences tool is also great for improving conversions by personalizing pages for specific visitors. 


  • Custom social proof settings
  • Easy set up
  • Analytics and A/B testing
  • Hot Streaks, Live Visitors, Actions, and more options 



  • Business: $129/month, or $108/month billed annually
  • Premium: $199/month, or $166/month billed annually
  • Platinum: $299/month, or $249/month billed annually
  • Enterprise: Custom Pricing



Proof is another solid option for social proof on your website. It has great, customizable features and even better reporting, so you can continue to optimize your site for conversions. 

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Notifia offers over 30 growth widgets that you can add to your site, including social proof widgets. You can create custom widgets and pop-ups for a variety of audiences and types of content. Create conversion feeds for the bottom of your page and more with this tool. 

Creating a custom widget is easy with Notifia, and you can even make it so that personalized pop-ups appear with help from cookies. Aside from the standard social proof pop-up, there are also email collection widgets, call to action cards, spin to win discount games, blog promotion pop-ups, and many, many more. 

Notifia widgets are simple to create, and you can customize the location, color, copy, and more. This tool is multilingual, so it will match your visitor’s preferred language. It integrates with 1500+ apps due to its open API, and you don’t need any coding experience to seriously improve your website.


  • 30+ customizable widgets
  • Social proof and various other pop-ups
  • Easy to create and customize
  • Open API and plenty of integrations



  • Growth: $9/month,  pay per widget
  • Unlimited: $49/month, unlimited widgets



Notifia is a great website tool in general, and it works well for social proof. If you’re looking for a social proof software but could also use the various widgets offered by Notifia, this is a great product to invest in for your site. 

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TrustPulse is another premium social proof app. It claims to increase site conversions by 15% on average, offering real results to improve your site. 

TrustPulse is very similar to most of the social proof tools on this list. It creates a scrolling pop-up at the bottom of your site that shows customer actions, so visitors can see that other people trust your brand. It’s easy to set up, so your website will showcase purchases, signups, and other activities in no time. 

TrustPulse also has great smart targeting features, so it will analyze visitors and show social proof at the right time. It provides real-time tracking that can improve conversions. You can use TrustPulse out-of-the-box, or customize every aspect to best suit your website’s needs. 


  • Real-time activity tracking pop-ups
  • Smart targeting and custom triggers
  • Flexible design
  • Actionable analytics



  • Basic: $39.50/year
  • Plus: $99.50/year
  • Pro: $199.50/year
  • Growth: $299.50/year



TrustPulse is another great social proof tool, and it’s one of the most affordable! 

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Final Thoughts

Social proof is a relatively inexpensive investment, and it can seriously improve your conversions for a great ROI. Look into these social proof software tools to find the best one for your website and see how social trust improves your sign ups, sales, and more!

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7 Best Keyword Research Tools for 2020: Find SEO Keywords 

Keyword research is vital to any website’s SEO. If you’re creating content or optimizing landing pages, it’s important to find the best keywords to rank your website on Google and other search engines. Using the right keywords will drive traffic to your website, which can lead to sales, leads, and conversions. 

In the world of SEO, keywords are the words and phrases on your website that make it possible for visitors to find your site via search engines. Using the right keywords for your business, blog, or any website is essential to bring visitors looking for your content to the site. 

But how do you find the keywords that will attract the right audience to your website? You can try to brainstorm what people might be searching for, but the best way to find keywords is to use keyword research tools. We do keyword research for all of our content, so check out our reviews of the best keyword tools to improve your website’s SEO. 

Top 7 Keyword Tools 

      1. SEMRush 
      2. SpyFu
      3. LongTailPro
      4. KWFinder
      5. AhRefs
      6. SerpStat
      7. Surfer SEO



SEMRush is one of the most comprehensive SEO tools available today. It can be used to analyze websites’ domain rating, traffic, backlinks, rankings, and can even do entire site audits. SEMRush also has one of the best keyword research tools for organic research into a site’s traffic. 

This tool can be used to pull keywords from competitor websites, so you can find out what keywords and phrases they used. The SEMRush Organic Research tool displays keywords’ monthly search volume, keyword difficulty, cost per click, SERP features, and more. 

SEMRush also has a Keyword Magic tool, which can offer keyword variations by broad match, phrase match, exact match, and related options. SEMRush makes it easy to find SEO keywords so that you can write content that pulls in the largest possible audience. 


  • Keyword Magic tool
  • Organic traffic insights
  • Keyword gap analysis
  • Long-tail variations
  • Link building and site auditing tools as well 



  • Pro: $99.95/month
  • Guru: $199.95/month 
  • Business: $399.95/month

Save 16% by paying annually. 



SEMRush is on the expensive end of high-end tools, but it’s worthwhile considering all of the SEO features included. If you’re serious about SEO keyword research, SEMRush is a solid investment. 

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SpyFu allows you to analyze your competitors and learn what keywords they used to successfully rank their websites. This tool is great for SEO on-page content and blog content, as well as PPC campaigns. Enter any URL into SpyFu and learn what keywords are on the page, where it ranks, and more. 

SpyFu pulls information from Google, so when you enter a URL it can tell you every organic ranking, every keyword they’ve bought on Google Ads, and every ad variation. You can also track your own website’s paid and organic traffic and rankings to see how your site stands up to the competition and where you can improve. 

This tool makes it easy to spy on your competitors and use their best practices in your own SEO and PPC campaigns. Learn the search volume, difficulty, number of advertisers, CTR, and more with SpyFu. Find the most important keywords in your niche to improve your on-page SEO, blog content, and ad campaigns. 


  • Spy on competitor websites
  • SEO Keyword Ranking History
  • Keyword group analysis
  • Check competitor backlinks by keywords
  • Ad campaign analysis and keywords 



  • Basic: $39/month, or $33/month billed annually
  • Professional: $39 first month, $78/month thereafter, or $58/month billed annually
  • Team: $299/month, or $199/month billed annually



SpyFu is another versatile tool with great keyword research features. If you’re looking for keywords for both SEO and ad campaigns, SpyFu is a great option. 

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Long-tail keywords are longer, more specific variations of big keywords. Many SEOs use long-tail keywords because they are easier to rank and have a higher conversion rate because they are more specific. Aiming for less competitive keywords can help your website rank faster, which can improve your overall SEO and trust with Google.

LongTailPro is a keyword research tool that specializes in long-tail keywords. While other keyword tools tend to prioritize the keywords with the highest search volume, LongTailPro focuses on the best keyword variations in your niche. This tool offers hundreds of suggestions based on your main keyword or niche. 

Aside from providing long-tail keywords, LongTailPro can also run competitive analyses, determine a keyword’s profitability, and can track your website’s keywords and rankings to see your progress. 


  • Uncover niche-specific long-tail keywords
  • Competitor analysis for keywords
  • Advanced keyword metrics 
  • Conversion recommendations for keywords 
  • SERP tracking



  • Starter: $37/month, or $25/month billed annually 
  • Pro: $67/month, or $45/month billed annually
  • Agency: $147/month, or $98/month billed annually



If long-tail keywords are your priority, this is the tool for you. For anyone just starting a website and in need of less competitive, high converting keywords can use LongTailPro. 

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KWFinder from Mangools is another premium keyword search tool. It can find long-tail keywords as well as higher volume keywords in every niche. Their tool is very intuitively designed, so it’s easy to navigate. 

With KWFinder, you can search by keyword, location, language, or search by domain or URL to extract the keywords used on that page. Their keyword difficulty tool makes it easy to see how difficult certain keywords are to rank, so you can target keywords that will rank faster. 

You can also check competitors’ rankings, and access historical data for keywords, their search volumes and rankings over time. KWFinder provides exact search volumes rather than generic estimates. Find search metrics, SERP analyses, and keyword planning tools with KWFinder.


  • Accurate keyword difficulty and search volume
  • Find hidden long-tail keywords
  • Check competitor’s keywords
  • SERP analysis and SEO metrics
  • Local keyword research



  • Basic: $49/month, or $29.90/month billed annually
  • Premium: $69/month, or $39.90/month billed annually
  • Agency: $129/month, or $79.90/month billed annually



KWFinder is another great option for pulling SEO keywords. Its intuitive design is great for beginners to learn the basics of keyword research, but it also offers advanced analysis. 

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AhRefs is another high-end SEO tool, similar to SEMRush. It can be used to check out website stats like domain rating, referring domains, backlinks, organic traffic, keywords, and more. This is a comprehensive and versatile SEO tool, so they’re keyword research feature is only one part of AhRef’s full package. 

AhRef’s Keyword Explorer tool allows you to search for the best SEO keywords on Google, Bing, YouTube, Amazon, Yahoo, and more. It can tell you accurate keyword difficulty, search volume by location, CPC, and a vast amount of related keywords, related questions, and more. 

AhRefs also has one of the most advanced SERP analysis tools. It shows who is ranking for keywords, the site’s domain rating, URL rating, referring domains, traffic, keywords, and more. It’s a great backlink and site auditing tool as well as keyword search tool. 


  • Extensive keyword suggestions
  • Advanced metrics and data
  • Best SERP overview 
  • Top Pages tool and organic keyword movement tracking
  • Content gap analysis



  • Lite: $99/month, $990/year
  • Standard: $179/month, $1790/year
  • Advanced: $399/month, $3990/year
  • Agency: $999/month, $9990/year



AhRefs is one of the most powerful SEO tools. This tool offers a host of features, and their keyword explorer is one of the best ways to find keywords. 

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SerpStat is another good option that offers a full suite of SEO tools. Their keyword research tool is one of their strongest features. With SerpStat, you can research keywords and their variations, as well as semantic terms to improve content’s context. It can find long-tail keywords as well as keyword trends to see how popularity changes over time. 

SerpStat can also help determine the value of keywords by offering advanced metrics like CPC, search volume, competition, and more. It can even check your webpage’s relevance, so you can learn how well optimized it is for your target keyword. This is especially useful when creating landing pages or blog posts that you want to rank, or for diagnosing why they are not ranking. 

SerpStat has lots of other features as well. It can perform competitor research, rank tracking, advertising analytics, on-page audits, backlink analyses, and more. One other interesting feature is their content marketing ideation tool, which analyzes your content and offers suggestions for related topics, questions, and more. 


  • Keyword, variation, long-tail, and LSI research
  • Advanced keyword and search metrics
  • Keyword trends
  • Competitor comparison graphs 
  • Keyword optimization tips 



  • Lite: $69/month, or $55/month billed annually
  • Standard: $149/month, or $119/month billed annually
  • Advanced: $299/month, or $239/month billed annually
  • Enterprise $499/month, or $399/month billed annually



SerpStat is another great SEO keyword research tool, and it has a wide range of other SEO features. This is one of the best comprehensive SEO tools on a budget, and one of the best keyword tools. 

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Surfer SEO 

Surfer SEO is a favorite tool of ours. It has a few tools that are useful for finding keywords, analyzing your existing pages to learn what keywords you’re missing out on, and analyzing SERPs. 

Their keyword research tool helps users uncover similar keywords and topic-related questions. This helps uncover new topics to write about on your blog, or questions or keywords that you can add to existing pages for better relevance. Once you find relevant keywords, you can go directly to the SERP analyzer to see what pages are ranking and use their content editor to create optimized content on the spot.

Surfer also has a great SEO audit tool that looks at your existing content and compares it to the top-ranking pages for your target keywords. Then, it tells you what keywords and LSI you’re missing on the page so that you can rank better. Surfer takes you through each step of the keyword research and optimization process in one tool. They also provide a free Google chrome extension called Keyword Surfer, which provides keyword ideas directly on the side panel of your Google SERPs.


  • Keyword research for related terms and relevant questions
  • Free Keyword Surfer extension for quick research 
  • Content Audit and Editor to better optimize for target keywords
  • Compare SERP similarities of related keywords



  • Basic: $59/month or $590/year
  • Pro: $99/month or $990/year
  • Business: $199/month or $1990/year



Surfer offers a slightly different product than some of the other keyword tools on this list, but it’s one of the best for taking your content from research to writing to auditing for optimization. It’s also one of the more affordable options.

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How To Search for Keywords: Which Keyword Finder Should I Use? 

There are a lot of great options on our list of the best keyword tools, and many have very similar functions. With so many options, it can be hard to decide which tool is the best for keyword research and for your specific needs. Look for these features in your keyword tool. 

Keyword Metrics 

When choosing a keyword research tool, you want to find more than just keywords relating to your topic – there’s a good chance you could guess some of those without paying for a tool. Pick a tool that has the metrics most important to you. These often include search volume, keyword difficulty, cost per click, keyword value, and more. Depending on your goals (blog content, landing pages, PPC, ad campaigns) your needs may vary. 

Variations, Long-Tail, and LSI

A good keyword tool will offer more than just the most common keywords. It should also provide keyword variations, related keywords, long-tail keywords, and LSI keywords. Tools with a broader scope of keywords and variants will help you find the right contextual terms to use on the page. Another element to look for is questions: questions including or relating to your keyword make for great content or subheaders within your content.  

Additional Features

Every tool on our list is great for keyword research, but they also offer additional features. Some, like SEMRush, AhRefs, or SerpStat are fairly comprehensive SEO tools, while others offer extra keyword planning options or additional insights. 

If you’re paying for the full tool, pick the one that has the most appealing additional features. You’re paying for them anyway, so you might as well get the most out of your keyword research tool. Learn about the extra features offered and determine which ones best match your digital marketing needs. 


Price, of course, is always a factor. Some of the tools on this list are high-end, expensive SEO software, while others are more affordable. Consider what you really need, and keep your budget in mind. You should also consider signing on for a yearly plan. It is a commitment, but each tool offers a discount if you sign up for the whole year. Do the research so that you can commit to a full year for a lower price.

Final Thoughts

Keyword research is an essential part of SEO, blogging, online ads, and more. Drive more traffic to your website or target your ads perfectly with these keyword research tools.

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Using Multi-Location SEO to Increase Private Dining Leads

About the Client 

Platform: WordPress

Goals: Increase private dining leads for all locations, improve location-based organic search rankings 

Strategy: Landing page optimization, on-page optimization, link building


About the Campaign

The client, Harvest Seasonal Grill & Wine Bar, is a multi-location restaurant that serves sustainably sourced, farm-to-table cuisine. Their health-conscious, rotating menu helps them to stand out among other restaurants and adds the appeal of new menu items each season. They wanted to improve organic search rankings for all of their locations as well as increase private dining leads for each location. 

The restaurant has nine locations in total. Locations in Pennsylvania include Lancaster, Radnor, North Wales, Newtown, Montage, Harrisburg, and Glen Mills. They also have locations in Moorestown, NJ, and Delray Beach, FL. Improving search rankings and event leads for such a wide spread of locations requires a focused SEO strategy. 


Our Strategy

Ranking a multi-location restaurant requires a different strategy than a single-location business. We performed a thorough audit of their site to identify any issues and see what pages they had before implementing our strategy. We also performed keyword research to better appeal to their health niche and to find the best keywords for each location. 

To increase rankings and private event leads in each location, one private dining page won’t work. We built keyword and location specific pages for private dining in each area

This strategy works better to rank for multiple locations because it considers search intent. A potential lead for the Florida location will most likely search “private dining Delray Beach,” while a lead in Radnor would most likely search “Radnor private dining”.

Keyword focused, location-specific pages help multi-location businesses reach clients in each specific area. We also built pages for specific types of private events, like birthday parties, corporate events, baby showers, and so on. 

We also started a link building campaign to build authority for their site. When we started, their website lacked the foundational links needed to create legitimacy in the eyes of search engines like Google. Links to a website from other high authority, niche relevant websites are essentially votes that show that a website is relevant and verifiable. Building links improves a website’s domain rating and rankings

We built links to each location page to improve rankings for both local and niche keywords. Our link building campaign also included the use of press releases, which linked back to the site while also sharing important information about special dining offers and updates on their seasonally changing menu. 



After implementing this strategy beginning in January 2017, the client is ranking on the first page of search results for private dining searches in each location. They are ranked as the first organic result for over 40 keywords, each for different locations and types of private events. 

corporate dining search result

Search results for “corporate private dining North Wales PA”


On the search engine results pages, they are the first listed in the Google Maps listings for most locations. The Maps results appear before any other organic rankings on the page, making it a lucrative space to hold. 

Harvest google maps results

Google Maps results for “private dining Moorestown NJ” search


radnor private dining

Google Maps and Search results for “private dining Radnor PA”


Here, they hold the first Google Maps result for “Glen Mills restaurant” earning them not only private dining, but normal customer leads.

glen mills restaurant

Google Maps and Search results for “Glen Mills restaurant”


Since beginning our campaign, the client’s private dining leads have increased drastically, earning over 10,000 leads over 3 years for nine locations


What We Learned 

This campaign taught us that a multi-location restaurant can rank for each location by creating individual landing pages. By optimizing each landing page for a specific location and private dining event and by building links to those pages, we were able to improve their search rankings and increase their private event leads, which directly increased revenue from private dining.

Do you need help developing a digital marketing plan for your business? Contact SEO Digital Group today.

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New Client Announcement: HipCityVeg

SEO Digital Group is proud to announce our newest client, HipCityVeg. HipCityVeg is an all vegan, plant-based restaurant, with four locations in Philadelphia, PA, two in the Philadelphia suburbs, and two in Washington, D.C. This health-conscious chain is dedicated to sustainable practices, both in their foods and other materials, which are compostable. 


About HipCityVeg


HipCityVeg was opened in 2012 to bring delicious vegan food to the world. The fast-food inspired menu is made with fresh, organic, and often locally sourced ingredients. All ingredients are 100% organic and non-GMO. All food and packaging materials are compostable and recyclable, and their space and practices are also designed with sustainability in mind. 

HipCityVeg follows a green philosophy of “embracing healthy bodies, a healthy planet, and compassion for all living things” through vegan food and environmentally conscious practices. They believe that “what you eat should be a simple decision you feel good about,” serving up healthy, delicious vegan meals at all eight locations. 

The menu at HipCityVeg features vegan burgers, sandwiches, chick’n, salads, and more. They also offer frozen treats and smoothies, and currently two locations serve breakfast. 

HipCityVeg also offers catering, filling a much needed gap for vegan catering options. They make it easy to throw a “party with plants,” providing their vegan food as well as compostable packaging for an Earth-friendly event. 

The vegan fare from HipCityVeg is available at all nine locations or through online ordering service Caviar. They are open daily – hours vary by location. Find a HipCityVeg closest to you and visit today! 


Welcome To SEO Digital Group!


We’re excited to begin working with HipCityVeg on their digital marketing campaign. With such a strong brand and a health-conscious mission that they believe in, we are happy to help this restaurant grow!

The team at SEO Digital Group works with a wide range of industries and businesses, from restaurants to lawyers, dentists, and more. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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10 Best Instagram Growth Services of 2020

Do you want to grow your Instagram account? Instagram is one of the most popular social media channels, so having a strong presence on this platform is important to many businesses, brands, and everyday people. That’s why so many users invest in an Instagram growth service to help them increase their followers.

Some growth services will sell you fake followers that will hurt your account in the long run, but there are a number of quality Instagram growth services available today that will organically and safely grow your following. Check out the best growth services for Instagram to grow your online presence. 

Top 10 Instagram Growth Services 

      1. Social Buddy
      2. Kicksta
      3. Social Sensei
      4. Tree Frog
      5. Ampfluence
      6. Social Captain
      7. Combin
      8. Upleap
      9. HypePlanner
      10. YoViral


Social Buddy

social buddy

Social Buddy is one of the best Instagram growth services available today. Our research picked Social Buddy as the #1 growth service for Instagram users based on results, safety, and pricing.

This growth tool uses organic growth to increase your Instagram followers gradually and naturally over time. Unlike many Instagram growth tools, Social Buddy helps you find real followers – not fake accounts or Instagram bots. 

Not only does Social Buddy help you grow your following on Instagram, but it also helps to improve your engagement. Social Buddy uses advanced targeting to find followers that will actually be interested in and engage with the content you post on your account. 

They use targeting factors like your location, interests, hashtags relevant to your account’s niche or industry for businesses, and more. Social Buddy also targets followers based on your competitors or influencers in your niche. 

While some growth services are bots, Social Buddy is run by real people. Every client gets a customer support contact, so you can ask questions via email, phone, or chat. Social Buddy is a safe and reliable Instagram growth service

Social Buddy Features: 

    • Organic Instagram growth
    • Advanced audience targeting
    • Increased engagement
    • Account manager support
    • Easy sign up process
    • No commitment – month to month 
    • TikTok follower service also available


Our Test:

After researching several Instagram growth services, we found that Social Buddy was the most effective and safe, especially at its price point, but we decided to run a test. The results are below; they show a huge jump in followers (1000 in a month) and improved engagement.

social buddy test


Kicksta is a popular and powerful Instagram growth tool. This service offers organic Instagram growth without the use of bots, spam, or fake followers. With Kicksta, you’ll receive real followers that are also relevant to your account. 

Kicksta uses AI technology to find, target, and interact with potential followers on Instagram. When you sign up with Kicksta, they’ll ask for the names of your competitors on Instagram, relevant influencers in your niche, complementary brands, and other targets. 

Then, they target accounts that follow those competitor or complementary accounts, working under the assumption that they will be interested in your brand as well. Kicksta will automate following and liking other people’s posts – then, those accounts are more likely to follow you back and engage with your content as well. 

Through AI targeting and automated likes and follows, Kicksta can organically grow your Instagram account. There is a standard plan and a premium plan available, but you’ll have to spring for the premium plan if you want customer support or more advanced targeting. 

Kicksta Features: 

    • Organic Instagram growth 
    • AI targeting
    • Easy sign up process
    • No commitment – month to month


Social Sensei

Social Sensei is another great Instagram growth service, used by many businesses and personal accounts online. This growth tool works not only for Instagram, but also for Facebook, Youtube, Tumblr, and Pinterest. 

Social Sensei uses real, human growth – no bots, no scripts, no software, and no fake followers. They are committed to long term growth. All clients get a dedicated account manager that learns about your account and your goals to create a long-term plan. They offer a full social media marketing plan, not just followers. Signing up for a full package can include followers, content strategy, content creation, and more. The process begins with a free consultation to discuss your goals and your brand. 

Social Sensei uses advanced targeting to find followers who are likely to follow and engage with your content. This Instagram growth service is organic. Businesses can also enjoy a social media strategy and business plan to turn followers into leads or conversions. Plans are expensive, however, ranging from $95/month to $995/month and up for businesses. 

Social Sensei Features: 

    • Organic Instagram growth
    • Advanced targeting
    • Account manager
    • Social media strategy
    • Content creation


Tree Frog

Tree Frog is another Instagram growth service promising its users organic growth over time. Run by a team of social media gurus, Tree Frog is results driven and aims to improve your Instagram following as well as engagements

Tree Frog offers audience targeting based on your account’s industry, niche, or general topic of your content. They target based on account you give them – simply supply 5 accounts similar to yours (either competitors, related brands, or whichever you see fit) and the Tree Frog team will use those to find the right followers for your account. 

Setting up your Tree Frog account is easy and fast. Once you’re set up, you can sit back and wait for followers, likes, and comments to roll in while you continue to post quality content. Growth will likely be slow, and some reviews say that they’d prefer a faster service, but Tree Frog is one of the more affordable options, so it’s good for those on a tight budget. 

Tree Frog also offers a Twitter growth service. While there isn’t a dedicated agent assigned to every account, you can submit support tickets on their website for help or questions. 

Tree Frog Features: 

    • Organic Instagram growth
    • Audience targeting
    • No commitment – month to month
    • Easy set up
    • Twitter growth service also offered



Ampfluence is another top-notch Instagram growth service that promises to amplify your influence on Instagram. Like all the best Instagram growth services, Ampfluence ensures organic Instagram growth and real followers, not fake accounts. 

Ampfluence does not use bots or “gimmicks” and is a 100% human run service. They aim to grow your Instagram followers without any bots or automated software. Instead, they focus on quality followers and targeting. If you sign up with Ampfluence, you start with a consultation to learn more about your account, your brand, your goals, and the types of followers you want to target. 

After the consultation, Ampfluence’s team does research to find the right accounts to target, based on competitors, industry leaders, social spheres, and more. They’ll engage with other accounts for you to create relationships that will organically grow your followers and your engagement rate. 

Ampfluence is a safe Instagram growth service like many others on this list, but it is on the more expensive side. Plans start at $129 per month, but there’s no commitment so you can cancel at any time.

Ampfluence Features: 

    • Organic Instagram growth
    • Research based audience targeting
    • Increased engagement
    • Email support 
    • Reporting (only available with second and third tier plans) 


Social Captain

Another solid choice for anyone looking for a reliable Instagram growth service is Social Captain. Social Captain “automagically” grows your Instagram account to bring in more followers, better engagement, and all around growth. They use automated and targeted Instagram marketing to increase your follower count. 

Social Captain will act as your Instagram assistant so that you don’t have to worry about outreach. They use AI-powered targeting and claim that it is 150x more efficient than manual interaction. Social Captain works with brands, online stores, and personal accounts alike. 

When you sign up, pick accounts, competitors, hashtags, and locations to target on your dashboard, and Social Captain takes care of the rest. As your account grows, this Instagram growth service will also automatically send direct messages to your new followers, creating positive relationships. 

Social Captain offers a free trial, so you can try 30 days and see if you like it before making a purchase. After that, you can choose between weekly, monthly, or annual packages (annual comes with a 35% discount compared to monthly, but it also means you can’t cancel after a few months and get your money back). They also offer a turbo plan for supercharged growth. 

Social Captain Features:

    • Organic Instagram growth
    • Automatic messaging
    • Easy set up
    • Free trial 
    • Weekly, monthly, or annual pricing options



Combin is both an Instagram growth service and a content planning solution and post scheduling tool. You can choose to purchase Combin solely for Instagram growth, just for scheduling, or for both growing your following and planning and scheduling your posts. 

The Combin growth tool works by targeting, engaging with, and growing your follower count on Instagram. They offer plenty of filters to target the followers that are interested in your content, and therefore are more likely to follow back and engage with your posts. This platform uses machine learning to find and target quality accounts to engage with. 

Combin also includes audience management, so you can see who doesn’t follow you back and bulk unfollow them. It also automates repetitive actions, so you can engage with multiple accounts and posts at once to enhance engagement. Bulk follow, unfollow, like, and comment on accounts and posts in batches with Combin. 

You can manage multiple Instagram accounts at once with Combin, or focus on one. They offer a free starter trial, or monthly options for personal or business accounts. 

Combin Features: 

    • Instagram audience management
    • Targeting filters
    • Bulk actions and engagements
    • Automated repetitive actions 
    • Free trial
    • Scheduling tool (sold separately) 



Upleap is another popular Instagram growth service offering organic growth and personalized attention. When you sign up with Upleap, you’ll get a dedicated account manager to manage and grow your Instagram account for you. The platform claims 300% faster growth with their tool. 

Upleap only finds, follows, and engages with real accounts, so you won’t have a follower list full of unengaged, fake followers. They promise real results to grow your Instagram brand, whether it’s a personal account, a business brand, an online store, or any account. They have clients from varied industries. 

Once you sign up with Upleap, you’ll be set up with an account manager. Work with your account manager to target competitors, relevant hashtags, or whatever type of followers you think would enjoy your content. Then, sit back and watch your account grow while you continue to post content. Upleap provides smart targeting that will boost your engagement. They’ll even view Instagram stories for you to make your account look more active and engaged with followers.

Upleap offers a free trial, but it only lasts three days. After that, you can choose from monthly or yearly packages, with options for the Lite plan, Standard, or Premium. 

Upleap Features: 

    • Organic Instagram growth
    • Dedicated account manager and support
    • Automatic story watching
    • Increased engagement 
    • Free trial (3 days only)



HypePlanner is an Instagram growth service that promises a “massive global fanbase” on Instagram without much effort on your part. Their Instagram experts claim to be able to grow their client accounts with 1000s of new followers monthly, and not fake followers but real, engaged Instagram users. 

When you sign up, HypePlanner will ask for targeting information about your ideal target demographic and information about your brand to enhance their targeting. They’ll come up with a custom plan for your account and immediately start engaging with your target audience to increase your Instagram followers and get even more engagements back. 

HypePlanner offers 24/7 customer support and a money back guarantee. Reach out to your customer representative via phone, text, or email at any time. HypePlanner is run by real humans, so every decision on your account is made by a real person with your account’s growth in mind. 

HypePlanner is a quality service, but it is on the pricey side. They do offer discounts for agencies or anyone in need of multiple accounts. 

HypePlanner Features

    • Organic Instagram growth
    • Increased, automated engagements
    • 24/7 customer service
    • Research based targeting
    • No contracts – month to month



YoViral is another Instagram growth tool, but it operates a little differently than most of the Instagram growth services on our list. With YoViral, the focus is one likes more so than followers. This tool sends automated likes to your post shortly after you publish it, slowly building up the likes so that it looks natural. 

The likes provided by YoViral come from real users, so you don’t have to worry about bots, spam, or fake followers clouding your account. Not every post gets the exact same amount of likes, so it looks natural. You can also adjust the speed at which likes pour in. If you post a video, YoViral will also inundate it with views. 

When you post with YoViral, the service automatically detects the post and begins sending likes. There is no limit on the number of posts it will send likes to monthly. The idea behind this like service is that your posts can go viral and your account will look more legitimate and popular, which will prompt other accounts to find and follow you more easily. 

YoViral comes with 24/7 customer support, and you can choose different plans to determine, on average, how many extra likes you want. This service is more affordable since it does not send followers directly to your account, but it also comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. 

YoViral Features: 

    • Automatic likes and views
    • Natural looking growth
    • Adjustable speed
    • 24/7 customer support
    • 30 day money back guarantee
    • No commitment – month by month 


Final Thoughts

Social media is an important part of your online presence. Since Instagram is one of the most popular social platforms, it can seriously help your business to have plenty of followers and engagement online. Grow your Instagram with one of the best Instagram growth services available today. 

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NYC Restaurant SEO & Event Leads Case Study

About the Client

Platform: WordPress

Niche: Restaurant and Private Dining

Goals: Increase organic search traffic, increase private event leads

Strategy: On-page optimization, landing page optimization, and link building

About the Campaign

The client, Copinette, wanted to improve their search result rankings and increase private dining leads through their website. They are based in Midtown, Manhattan, which is an area of heavy competition for restaurants. Standing out against all the restaurants offering private dining in NYC is a challenge, especially in competitive Google search results.

Our Strategy

After auditing the client’s website, we put together an SEO strategy, focusing on private dining events. We did a competitive analysis and keyword research to put together a comprehensive plan to optimize their website for organic traffic and leads.

We updated their current landing pages, optimizing for the targeted keywords on each page. Our goal was to help them rank for restaurant and private dining keywords by location, for both NYC and Midtown East specifically. As always, we considered search intent when targeting keywords. We targeted keywords like “Midtown East private dining”, “private dining NYC”, and more specific searches for private events like corporate parties, holiday parties, baby showers, and so on.

Aside from on-page optimization, we also launched a link building campaign. Links from relevant websites to your website essentially count as “votes” in the eyes of Google, so the more links to a website, the more authority and rankings. By linking to the client’s website on targeted keywords like “private dining Midtown NYC”, we were able to help improve their rankings for those search terms.


Our SEO strategy was implemented starting in June 2019 with great success. The campaign brought in over 200 private dining leads, 112 of which were closed for successful private events. Our metrics estimate over $120,000 in revenue from these leads, as seen below.


The increase in private dining leads was a direct result of improved Google rankings. The client’s website moved up almost 900 spots in assorted Google search rankings.

Those rankings include frequently searched, highly competitive keywords such as “private dining NYC” which is searched thousands of times per month. The client’s site is on page 1 of Google search results for various keywords related to their location and private dining and other private events. These rankings brought in those 200+ leads seen above.

What We Learned

This campaign taught us that a focused SEO strategy can yield results, even in a highly competitive niche like NYC restaurants and private dining. Through keyword research, link building, and landing page optimization, we were able to significantly improve rankings and bring in over 200 private dining leads over less than six months.

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Best Legal Keywords | Top 40 Keywords for Lawyers

Competition between local attorneys is fierce.  As a lawyer, you need a quality marketing program to continually generate new clients while retaining the old.  When it comes to SEO for Lawyers, you need to know the keywords people are using when looking for the services you provide.

Is your website optimized for legal keywords?
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Commonly Searched Legal Keywords

We’ll start with the high level queries people use to search for legal services. Many people searching for a new law firm type these terms into Google:

  • Lawyer
  • Attorney
  • Law Firm
  • Law Office
  • Lawyer near me
  • Legal Advice
  • Legal Consultation

To get potential clients to your website, and eventually to your law office, you want to rank for these common legal keywords. If you are optimizing a page for a local law office, you must include most of these terms in the title, description, headings, and page content.  Otherwise, you will have a hard time ranking in Google for searches related to someone’s legal needs.

Add Location

Before or after your main keywords, add your location.  For example, if you are a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Jsersey City, optimize for “Jersey City Criminal Defense Lawyer”

Legal Services Keywords

Often, people search for the specific service they are looking for. For lawyers, this can be services you provide or tooth issues that need fixing. Ranking for these keywords can bring clients to your website, as well as provide a wider breadth of legal keyword rankings to your site.

  • Injury lawyer
    • Accident Lawyer
    • Slip and Fall
    • Car Accident
    • Dog Bite
    • Medical Malpractice
  • Criminal Defense Lawyer
  • Bankruptcy Lawyer
    • Chapter 7
    • Chapter 13
  • DUI Lawyer
    • Drunk Driving Lawyer
  • Immigration Lawyer
  • Divorce Lawyer
  • Estate Planning Lawyer
  • Disability Lawyer
  • Workers Compensation Lawyer


Legal Questions People Are Asking

Here are a few questions people ask related to legal services which could be great blog posts or headings on your landing pages:

  • What does an injury lawyer do?
  • How much do personal injury lawyers take?
  • Do I need a lawyer for personal injury?What kind of cases do personal injury lawyers handle?
  • Will a lawyer take my case?
  • How much do you get for pain and suffering?
  • How much should I ask for a Personal Injury Settlement?
  • What do personal injury lawyers look for?
  • How do personal injury lawyers get paid?
  • Is it worth it to hire a personal injury lawyer?
  • Do you pay taxes on a settlement?
  • How much money can you sue for pain and suffering?
  • Why do lawyers not take cases?
  • Can a personal injury lawyer drop your case?
  • What falls under personal injury?


Here are the Google Trends results for the most common searches related to attorneys.



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For more help, check out our post about Digital Marketing Tips for Lawyers to drive more traffic to your law firm’s website.

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