How To Get Followers on TikTok in 2020: TikTok Follower Tools and Tips 

TikTok has quickly become one of the most popular social media networks, especially among younger generations. This platform is known for its short videos, often depicting dances and other popular challenges. 

While some may view TikTok as a Gen Z social media platform that’s just for fun, major brands are moving to TikTok to capitalize on the large audience now on the app. As of April 2020, TikTok has 800 million worldwide users

Whether you’re using TikTok to join in on fun dance challenges or to promote your brand, you’ll need followers if you want anyone to see your content. Learn how to get TikTok followers so that you can go viral on this popular new platform! 

How To Become TikTok Famous 

      1. Pick Your Target Audience
      2. Use a TikTok Growth Service
      3. Follow TikTok Trends
      4. Use Hashtags
      5. Create your own Trend, Dance, or Challenge
      6. Promote on Other Channels 
      7. Use Calls to Action


Pick your Target Audience

If you want to get more followers on TikTok, it’s good to know what kind of followers you’re targeting. While you may not be picky about who follows you so long as the number goes up, having a targeted strategy will make it easier to focus on growth.

Figure out who your target followers are. If you’re on TikTok for fun, your target audience is probably people your age with the same sense of humor or interests. Consider what those interests are and what kind of content you would be interested in seeing. If there are popular TikTok users that post similar content, you may share the same target audience. Target the followers of complementary accounts or use the same strategies as your favorite TikTokkers!

If you are a brand promoting on TikTok, your target audience should be the same as your other social media audiences. For example, a female clothing brand would target women and girls interested in buying their clothes, similar to their standard marketing strategy. Consider your target demographic for your business and try to create content on TikTok that would appeal to those users! 

TikTok is made up of a younger audience, but there are users of all ages. If your brand wants to reach teens and young adults, however, TikTok is a great platform for those users. 41% of TikTok users are between ages 16 to 24, so any brands targeting that age group can benefit from promoting on this platform. 



Use a TikTok Growth Service

If you’re serious about getting followers fast, consider trying a TikTok growth tool. There are tools and services out there that can help attract TikTok followers without any work on your part. All you have to do is post great content that matches your brand and your target audience, and these tools will do the rest. Check out our favorite TikTok growth services! 

These are the Best TikTok Follower Tools:

      1. Social Buddy 
      2. TokUpgrade
      3. Social-Viral 
      4. Media Misters
      5. Feed Pixel 


Social Buddy

social buddy

Social Buddy is our #1 pick for a TikTok growth service. This tool uses advanced social media marketing to help organically increase your TikTok followers. Social Buddy ensures real, targeted followers, with no bots or fake accounts. 

Social Buddy uses advanced targeting to help find followers who are actually interested in your videos, so they’ll be more likely to follow, like, and share your content. They use targeting metrics like niche, industry, competitors, complementary accounts, and relevant hashtags to find the users that best match your content and interests.

This growth tool helps your account get noticed by real users, so as long as you’re posting interesting, targeted content, they should follow you! Social Buddy makes it easy to grow your TikTok – all you have to do is focus on creating great videos. 


  • Organic growth
  • Real TikTok followers
  • Advanced targeting 
  • Competitor targeting 
  • Dedicated account manager and customer support

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TokUpgrade is another TikTok growth service that helps users become TikTok famous! This fully managed service takes on your TikTok follower growth for you. TokUpgrade gets you real, relevant followers who will not only increase your number of followers, but also improve engagement rates

TokUpgrade targets your future followers based on who follows your competitors, specific usernames you want to target, and influencers in your industry. The service then auto-engages on your behalf, liking other people’s videos so that they engage with your account back. 

TokUpgrade will increase your exposure on TikTok and slowly, help your audience grow. Over time, you’ll get real followers with actual interest in your videos.


  • Gain TikTok followers
  • Advanced targeting
  • Target specific usernames
  • Auto-engagements
  • Blacklist certain accounts and keywords
  • Dedicated account manager
  • No bots 

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social viral

Social-Viral makes it easy to become TikTok famous. With this tool, you can buy TikTok followers at an extremely low rate. This service sends you high quality followers without even requiring your password or login information. 

Social-Viral is a growth tool for all social media, so you can use it to buy TikTok followers or use it on another account. It works with Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Spotify as well. Social-Viral gives you followers instantly, so there’s no waiting for your account to grow. 

This tool gives you the benefit of instant followers for an extremely cheap price. You can get 100s of followers for only a few dollars with Social-Viral. You can also buy likes and views on TikTok so that your videos go viral. 


  • Buy TikTok followers, likes, and views
  • Affordable 
  • Authentic followers 
  • Speedy delivery 
  • Followers on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Spotify as well

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Media Mister

media mister

Media Mister is another tool for growing your TikTok account. This social media tool also works for anyone looking to improve the performance of their Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Spotify, Pinterest, and more. You can buy followers, likes, views, and more for each platform.

For those looking for TikTok growth, Media Mister can instantly send you followers, likes, and views. Ordering is easy with Media Mister – all you do is choose the number of followers, likes, or views, you want, and supply the link to your TikTok profile or specific video you want to target.

Media Mister does not offer organic growth or real engagements, but it is an extremely fast way to boost your TikTok into fame.


  • Buy TikTok followers
  • Buy TikTok likes and views
  • Fast delivery based on number of followers
  • Affordable pricing 
  • Works with most social channels

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Feed Pixel

feed pixel

Feed Pixel is another social media management platform for various social networks, including TikTok. This tool can bring likes, views, followers, and more to your social accounts. 

Feed Pixel is available in 150 marketplaces and 75 languages, so this tool works well for anyone. Their TikTok growth option includes likes and views, as this can boost your social status and help your posts go viral without buying followers. There is also the option to buy followers directly, of course. You can even buy shares to improve engagement metrics.

Feed Pixel is an extremely affordable option to buy TikTok followers and engagement. Choose one of their bundles to save 30%. 


  • Buy TikTok followers, views, shares, and likes
  • Available in 150 marketplaces and 75 languages 
  • Affordable 
  • Fast delivery
  • 24/7 support

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Follow TikTok Trends

On TikTok, there are common trends to follow and replicate. These include challenges, dances, and more. Many TikTok users will perform popular dances to songs like “Savage” or “Say So”.  There are also challenges like the “Flip the Switch” challenge as shown below. 

These trends and challenges are a great way to attract more users to your TikTok page. When a certain challenge, dance, or topic is trending, many users will look through those topics or hashtags. Jumping on the bandwagon of a popular trend can improve your visibility and bring more potential followers to your TikToks! 



Use Hashtags

Hashtags are useful on all social networks, including TikTok. Using a relevant hashtag makes it easier for TikTok users to find your posts, especially if they are interested in your hashtag or topic. For example, if you run a makeup brand or post makeup tutorials, using #makeup or other makeup related hashtags can attract users looking for the type of content you’re posting. These users are more likely to be interested in your posts and may choose to follow you if they like your videos! 

Research popular hashtags on TikTok to find the ones that are most popular and relevant to your brand or your target audience. Don’t use a popular hashtag just because it’s popular, however – if it doesn’t make sense in relation to your videos, it won’t bring you any new followers. 

Many TikTok users include the hashtag #fyp on their posts . This acronym means “For You page”, referring to the “For You” tab on TikTok that provides user specific videos depending on your preferences, interests, and who you follow. Many users include the #fyp hashtag in hopes of getting their content shared on the For You page. This can bring huge visibility to your posts, similar to Instagram’s Explore tab. 



Create your own Trend, Dance, or Challenge

Another way to attract followers to your TikTok account is to create your own trend and encourage others to join in! This may be difficult if you’re starting with very few followers, so this tip is better for those with a decent follower base who are looking to grow more. 

This strategy has worked well, especially for larger brands. One example is Guess’ #InMyDenim challenge, or Colgate’s #MakeMomSmile challenge. Creating your own challenge and encouraging others to participate can bring more brand awareness. It also gives you user-generated content to share on your feed to bring even more followers and likes. 



Promote on Other Channels

Promote your TikTok account and share videos across other social media platforms. Many TikToks go viral after being shared on different channels like Twitter and Instagram, so be sure to share your content across channels and include links to your TikTok page so that people can find and follow you! 



Use Calls to Actions 

If you want people to follow you, say so! Using calls to action can help encourage users to like your videos, follow you, or take other actions. Ask fellow TikTok users to follow you if they like your videos, or hold challenges and ask them to follow to enter! If you hold giveaways, you can even get people to follow, like, and tag friends in your videos to get even more followers to your account.


Final Thoughts

TikTok is the new video platform that keeps growing. Get more TikTok followers so that you can join in on the latest trends and promote your brand on this popular social network.

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How To Get Followers on Twitter in 2020

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms for brands, businesses, and everyday users. This social network is built on short “tweets” that are 240 characters or shorter. Gaining a large following on Twitter can be lucrative, but it’s difficult to amass those followers.

Luckily, there are plenty of tips, tricks, and tools to help improve your Twitter growth. Learn how to get more Twitter followers with our advice! 

How To Get More Twitter Followers 

      1. Use a Growth Tool 
      2. Tweet Consistently
      3. Post at the Right Time
      4. Use Hashtags and Trending Topics 
      5. Engage with Others
      6. Tweet Visual Media
      7. Promote Across Platforms


Use a Growth Tool

Managing social media accounts is a full time job for many people, but for others, it can be hard to stay on top of. If you’re busy running various social accounts or managing other aspects of your business, you probably don’t have time to focus on Twitter growth. Luckily, there are plenty of Twitter growth services that can do the work for you.

Twitter growth tools are services that can help your account grow while you focus on posting content or working on other projects. We’ve compiled a list of the best growth services for Twitter. If you’re looking for a hands-off way to get more Twitter followers, check out these services. 

These are the Best Twitter Growth Services:

      1. Twesocial
      2. HypeGrowth
      3. Jooicer
      4. Social Hackettes
      5. Tweet Attacks Pro




Twesocial is a Twitter growth service meant to help users grow their Twitter following, but with real followers. Unlike services selling fake followers, Twesocial ensures real, authentic Twitter users. This tool does not use bots or bulk fake accounts, but helps to increase your number of Twitter followers naturally. 

Twesocial makes it easy to get more followers on Twitter with little effort on your end. Their team of case managers works to attract real followers to your account, while you focus on sharing the right content for your brand. All you have to do is provide information about your interests and topics relevant to your brand and your follower base, and their advanced targeting does the work for you. 

Once you’ve answered a few questions about targeting, your case manager works to promote your Twitter account. They even help with content, creating graphics and recommending hashtags. This is a safe tool for Twitter growth, so your account can grow organically and safely. 


  • Real followers
  • Natural growth
  • Advanced targeting
  • Hashtag recommendations 
  • Content creation assistance 
  • Improved engagement



  • No fake followers
  • Slow, continuous growth 
  • Industry or topic niche targeting
  • Safe 



  • Can get expensive 



Twesocial is one of the best ways to get more Twitter followers without using fake followers or bots. This is a safe, organic way to increase your followers on Twitter.

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HypeGrowth is another great Twitter growth tool that attracts real followers to your Twitter account. This service guarantees that real people will follow your Twitter, not fake accounts or bots. HypeGrowth can help improve your authority on Twitter and increase both your follower count as well as engagement rates. 

HypeGrowth does the work for you, so you can save time while your Twitter account grows. Whether you want to grow your Twitter for your business, blog, or just a personal account, HypeGrowth takes some of the work off of your plate. Simply fill out a questionnaire to direct the targeting for your growth and sit back while HypeGrowth does the rest.

Every HypeGrowth customer has a dedicated account manager who handles your Twitter audience targeting and growth. Their customer support line is available 24/7 via phone, email, or live chat, so you can contact them with any questions or concerns. This service promises results in only 24-48 hours, so you can see the benefits right away. 


  • Real Twitter followers 
  • Improve authority on Twitter
  • Targeting questionnaire 
  • Account manager and customer support line 
  • Monthly Turbo Cleanup removes unwanted followers
  • Monthly campaign tweaks to improve targeting
  • Improved engagement



  • Slow, authentic growth  
  • Better engagement rates 
  • Removes unwanted followers
  • Monthly check ins to optimize campaign



  • Expensive to use with more than one account 



HypeGrowth is one of the most reliable ways to gain Twitter followers, with real results and a real person working to grow your account. 

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Jooicer is another Twitter growth service that takes the work off of your plate. This tool helps you grow your Twitter following with a targeted audience defined by you. You can set rules in Jooicer’s dashboard about what kinds of accounts to follow and what actions you want your growth team to take, and they’ll do the work from there. 

Jooicer’s team does all the work on your Twitter account manually, so you are in full compliance of Twitter’s rules and terms of service. They make it easy to check your results on the dashboard and tweak the parameters of their advanced targeting. For those on a tight budget, they offer a free version that gives you suggestions without performing any of the actions themselves. 

On top of Twitter growth, Jooicer also offers “community curation,” a tool to help clear your account for people who don’t follow you back or recently unfollowed. Their pricing is simple, and they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with your results.


  • Organic Twitter growth
  • Manual follow/unfollow
  • Adjustable targeting rules
  • Easy to use dashboard
  • Community curation



  • Manual follower services 
  • Ability to adjust targeting
  • Follower cleanup 
  • Affordable 



  • Some users say they have to reconnect their account frequently



Jooicer is one of the safest ways to get more Twitter followers, as they use manual actions. This tool has other great features like an intuitive dashboard and follower cleanup. 

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Social Hackettes 

social hackettes

Social Hackettes is a growth service for Twitter as well as other social networks like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Reddit, and TikTok. Regardless of what platform you’re looking to grow on, Social Hackettes promises 100% organic growth. Signing up is easy, and you get assigned a dedicated team to improve your social media performance.

Social Hackettes targets new followers based on your brand or business, and your goals. With that information, your team performs market research to come up with a strategy to fit your specific needs. Then, they deploy an engagement campaign to increase your followers and draw more visibility to your account. 

Social Hackette’s Twitter growth tools provide unlimited targeted engagement, automatic cleanup, and automatic responses to new followers. Their lowest tier plan promises 100-300 new followers a month, and results only go up from there!


  • 100% organic Twitter growth
  • Unlimited, targeted engagements 
  • Auto cleanup
  • Auto response to new followers
  • 24/7 email support 
  • Custom strategy for your brand
  • Advanced targeting 



  • Organic growth
  • Auto follower cleanup
  • Custom targeting
  • Affordable 



  • Only accepts a limited number of clients per month



Social Hackettes is a good choice for growing your Twitter account, with a custom strategy for your brand and useful targeting metrics.

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Tweet Attacks Pro

Another popular Twitter growth service is Tweet Attacks Pro. This tool can manage all of your Twitter functions, and can even write and publish tweets for you! Tweet Attacks Pro helps grow your Twitter account by tweeting consistently for you, and also by engaging with others online. 

This tool helps grow your account by following accounts for you, unfollowing them if they are irrelevant or fail to follow back, and by engaging with users. You can set auto direct messages to connect with new followers, like and retweet tweets based on your chosen keywords, and more. You can control who and how frequently the service retweets for you, so that your feed is curated just as you prefer. 

Tweet Attacks Pro has a powerful search function to find tweets and users relevant to your brand. You can manage your entire account from their dashboard. This tool makes it easy to create and schedule tweets while also interacting with others, and it can even spin your tweets to share the same info in different formats. 


  • Twitter growth tool
  • Follows/unfollows accounts on your behalf
  • Follower cleanup 
  • Likes and Retweets on your behalf 
  • Set rules for frequency and content of actions
  • Advanced search function 
  • Schedule and publish tweets 
  • Message manager
  • Proxy support



  • Can help increase Twitter engagements and followers
  • Follower cleanup 
  • Advanced targeting and rules 
  • Manages all aspects of Twitter accounts



  • Not a user friendly dashboard; difficult to learn



Tweet Attacks Pro is an advanced software that has a lot of useful and unique features. It’s a good tool to take Twitter management off of your hands, but it is difficult to navigate for beginners.



Tweet Consistently

Even if you use a Twitter growth service to improve followers and engagements, you still need to post something for your followers to see! Tweeting consistently is key to getting your brand out there and bringing more visibility to your Twitter profile. 

Figure out a frequency of tweets that works for you. Some accounts tweet once a day, while others tweet several times a day. The goal is to tweet frequently enough to keep your followers hooked, but not so often that you are crowding their timeline. 

This balance can be hard to find, so try tweeting more frequently and monitor engagement. If your followers are favoriting and engaging with your tweets, it’s a sign that you can continue to tweet that frequently. If engagement falls off, you may want to tweet less regularly. 

Once you find a schedule that works for you, post quality tweets consistently so that your audience continues to grow and engage with your content.


Post at the Right Time

Aside from the frequency with which you post, it’s also important to post at the right times. Many people search for the best time to tweet, but it depends on your followers. It’s best to post when your followers are online and able to see it, so that your tweet starts getting favorites and retweets right away.

Use Twitter insights to learn more about when your audience is online. From there, you can try to post when your followers are most active. Posting at night when most of your followers are asleep won’t result in much engagement, so look for Twitter analytics to help inform you on the best times to tweet.


Use Hashtags and Trending Topics 

Social media hashtags were created on Twitter, and they are still relevant today. Hashtags make it easier for your tweets to reach more users, improving your visibility. Use relevant hashtags for your industry, brand, or topic to help your tweet go viral.

You can also use trending topics or hashtags to take advantage of popular trends. When a large number of Twitter users tweet about the same topic or use the same hashtag, it created a trending topic in the search tab. If your brand can join in on these popular conversations, it can help a wide audience find your tweets and may lead to them following your account. 


Engage with Others

To get more followers on Twitter, it’s important to engage with your current followers and with others on the platform. If you see accounts posting similar content to your own, or an account in the same niche, consider following them and reaching out! This can help encourage them to follow you back, and may create a friendly relationship between you and others in your online community. 

Engage with your followers and others on Twitter and they will be more likely to engage back by following you, favoriting your tweets, or retweeting you. 


Tweet Visual Media

Tweets with visual media, like a photo, video, or GIF, tend to get more impressions, likes, and retweets. In fact, one study found that tweets with a video get 10x more engagement than tweets with only text. 

When possible, use visual media to attract more attention to your tweets. Whether it’s a photo or video of your own or a funny meme or GIF, using visuals helps to improve visibility and engagements on Twitter. 


Promote Across Platforms

Finally, promote your Twitter across social media platforms. If you have a website, you should promote your Twitter account on your website as well. Most brands use all the popular modes of social media, so be sure to connect your accounts so that your followers can find you on all social channels.


Final Thoughts

Use these Twitter growth tips to get more followers! Twitter is a great platform for promoting your brand, and our tips can help you grow your online audience.

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How To Get More Instagram Followers in 2020

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks, making Instagram followers a coveted commodity for those on the platform. Whether you use Instagram as a personal platform or to promote a brand, business, or blog, everyone wants more Instagram followers. 

Creating and managing a thriving Instagram account is not easy work, however. With so much competition for users attention, it’s important to have a strategy in place to attract and retain new followers on Instagram. If you’re looking to grow your Instagram account, there are a few different ways to achieve your social media goals. 

How To Grow Your Instagram Followers 

If you’re looking to gain more Instagram followers, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled the most effective ways to increase your Instagram following, with both free and paid solutions. Check out the best ways to grow your followers on Instagram to better promote your brand. 

These are the Best Ways to Get Followers on Instagram

      1. Use a Growth Service
      2. Optimize Your Profile
      3. Determine a Posting Schedule 
      4. Stay on Brand
      5. Use Hashtags and Location Tags
      6. Engage with Followers
      7. Share Instagram Stories 
      8. Write Calls to Action
      9. Host Contests
      10. Promote across Platforms 
      11. Use Analytics 


Use a Growth Service 

Instagram growth tools help grow your followers for you, so you can focus on creating engaging content. If you’re looking for a hands-off approach to growing your Instagram followers, a growth service is the easiest way to go. These are typically paid tools, but for a small monthly fee you can watch your followers grow in huge numbers with little effort on your part.

Instagram growth tools use various methods to target and attract potential followers. Typically, you have to provide your account manager with details about your account, like your niche or industry, location, and target audience. From there, they’ll target accounts that are likely to be interested in your content and get their attention by following them, or liking or commenting on their posts.

Our favorite growth service for Instagram is Social Buddy. We use Social Buddy because it is safe, reliable, and provides amazing results. It’s also affordable compared to many competitors. Learn more about Social Buddy here.


Optimize Your Profile

If you’re new to Instagram, it’s important to make sure your profile is complete and optimized for success. Even if you’ve had an Instagram account for years, you may not realize that your profile isn’t optimized for growth.

First of all, make sure your profile is public. If your account is private, then only your followers can see your posts, which will make it difficult to attract new followers. Set your privacy settings to public so that new followers can find you easily. You should also make your Instagram a business account; it’s free, and you get access to Instagram Insights to learn more about who is visiting your profile.

Second, make sure that your profile is complete. A complete profile has a profile picture, a bio, and at least one post. Pick a profile picture that best represents you or your brand. Many businesses choose to use their logo. If you’re running a personal account, choose a high quality, professional photo of yourself. 

When writing a bio, make it easy for new visitors to understand what your Instagram is all about. If your Instagram is a business page, be sure to include specifics about what your business provides, as well as a location and hours if you have a brick and mortar shop. You can add hashtags to your bio as well, which can help followers better understand what you’re interested in or what industry you’re involved in. 

Instagram allows profiles to include one link. Use this opportunity to link to your website or to a specific page that you’re promoting. Tools like make it possible to include a portal to various links so that followers can navigate through to your website more easily. 


Determine a Posting Schedule

It’s important to create a posting strategy for your Instagram account. Many users are unsure about how often they should post, when they should post, and so on. Planning out a post schedule will help answer these questions and ensure that you stay on top of content creation.

There isn’t a rule about how often to post – it really depends on your account, your followers, and your engagement. If you only post once a week, you might want to try posting more often. If your followers are liking and engaging with your content, keep it up. If you find that posting every day doesn’t yield great engagement rates, try posting less frequently. Track engagement to see how often you should post.

As far as the best time to post, it really depends on when your followers are online. The Instagram algorithm doesn’t list post chronologically on feeds anymore, but it’s still better to post when you know your followers are online and ready to interact with your content. Try out different times during the day and during the week, and track which dates and times yield the best engagement. 

Once you know how frequently you want to post and what times work best for your account, create a schedule. If you can, plan out your posts in advance and use scheduling tools to queue the next posts for publication. 


Stay on Brand

Pick a theme, niche, or topic for your Instagram account and stick with it. If followers are interested in your brand, they follow it expecting to see on-brand content. Be sure to find your brand voice and stick with it. Don’t post irrelevant content – stick to what you know. If your account is all about makeup, it would be off brand to share a picture of your breakfast – no matter how good it was. 

Try to develop an Instagram aesthetic; this can be done by posting the same type of content, using similar or complementary colors and filters, and creating an all around theme for your account. The examples below show how an Instagram with a consistent aesthetic looks more appealing when you visit their profile. 


Consistent branding makes it easier for followers to recognize your brand, and contributes to your brand’s style and voice. 


Use Hashtags and Location Tags

Hashtags are underrated, as they are one of the best ways to increase the visibility of your profile. If you’re not using hashtags, you should start. 

Pick hashtags that are relevant to your brand. Users that follow that hashtag or are interested in similar content are more likely to see your posts if you add a hashtag to it. Using the same makeup account example, you could add a hashtag like #MakeupIdeas or #MakeupTutorial so that it’s easier for makeup enthusiasts to find your post and then follow your account. Using hashtags can also help your posts appear on the Instagram Explore page, which can seriously skyrocket your impressions, likes, and followers. 

Location tags are also useful, especially if your brand or business is local. Local followers are the people who will actually come and patronize your business, so it’s a good idea to target those users. Use location-based hashtags, and tag your posts with a location. This can help you appear on local Explore pages and increase your impressions with people in your area.


Engage with Followers

Engaging with your followers, and with others on Instagram, is key to attracting and retaining followers. The best social media accounts make their audience feel included and heard. Engage with your followers and they’ll be more likely to engage with you in the future.

Comment on similar accounts in your industry to create relationships – if they don’t already follow you, this very likely will prompt them to do so. When users comment or respond to your posts, answer back so that they feel heard. Start conversations to create relationships with your followers so that they are more likely to keep following you.

You can also use interactive Instagram stories, polls, or even direct messages to better engage with and understand your audience.


Share Instagram Stories

Instagram stories were not a part of the original platform, but they have become huge since they launched. Stories last 24 hours, although they can be added as highlights on your profile to keep permanently. 

Many users today prefer to watch Instagram stories over scrolling through their feeds, so posting stories should be a key part of your Instagram strategy. Stories are a great way to share short-term promotions, promote products or services, or share less formal posts. If something isn’t post-worthy, it might make a good addition to your story instead. 

Instagram stories also have a lot of interactive features mentioned above, such as polls, questions, hashtag challenges, countdowns, quizzes, and more. This makes it easy to engage with your followers directly and even learn more about their preferences for your future posts.


Write Calls to Action

Every post should include a caption, and hopefully that caption is compelling and interesting. When possible, you should use your caption to tell a story that will draw in your readers. Every caption should include a call to action, however. 

Your calls to action will depend on your posts and your brand. If you’re selling clothing, a call to action could be “Check out our online store!”, “Visit our website for the latest deals”, and so on. For bloggers, the call to action might be “Read my latest blog post – link in bio!”. 

Create captions that match your brand voice, but don’t forget a call to action so that followers know what to do next. You could also include a call to action to follow your account, or to tag a friend so that your posts get more visibility. Calls to action direct your readers to take your desired next steps, which can lead to better engagement and, in turn, more followers. 


Host Contests

Contests are one of the best ways to quickly attract new followers. Hosting contests like giveaways or special deals is an easy way to get more people to follow you. You can set contest rules that include following your account, sharing one of your posts to their story, or tagging friends in the comments so that more people see your post, follow you, and enter the contest by tagging even more friends.

You can also hold contests for user generated content. This type of contest involves asking users to post something and tag your account or use a hashtag to enter the contest. One popular example of this is YETI coolers. They use the hashtag #BuiltForTheWild to collect user-generated content that they can then post on their account. This makes it easy to attract followers to your brand, and also helps generate content to post if you’re running out of ideas.


Promote Across Platforms

Most brands and businesses are on all forms of social media today, including Instagram but also Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and even Pinterest. Promote your Instagram account on all of your online platforms to drive followers from one network to another. You should also promote your Instagram on your website so that web visitors can find and follow you. 

Take advantage of all of your online platforms so that you don’t miss out on any potential followers. 


Use Analytics 

Finally, use data-driven evidence to learn how to gain more Instagram followers. All Instagram business accounts get free Instagram Insights, which offers metrics like gained followers, best performing posts, and audience demographics. Take advantage of these analytics, or invest in others to learn more about your audience and to learn which posts perform best.

By analyzing your performance, you can learn more about what works and what doesn’t work. Use the available data to improve upon your Instagram performance and you’re sure to get more followers.


Final Thoughts

Use these Instagram tips to gain more followers and promote your brand online.

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Best Rank Tracker Tools for 2020: Keyword Rank Tracking Software 

To drive traffic to your website, you need to make it easy for readers and potential customers to find your pages. To guide readers to your website, your pages must rank on search engine results pages (SERPs) for the relevant keywords for your brand. Rank tracking tools help to keep track of where your web pages rank and for what keywords.

Ranking website pages and blog posts on search engines like Google is not always easy, and many keywords face heavy competition for rankings on page 1. Use the best keyword trackers to learn how your website is performing, where there is room for improvement, and to learn how the competition compares. 

Best SEO Ranking Checkers 

We’ve done the research and compiled the best SERP checkers to analyze your website’s rankings. These Google rank checkers provide useful metrics and actionable insights to help you evaluate your website’s rankings and search performance. 

These are the Best Rank Trackers 

      1. SEMRush
      2. SerpStat
      3. The Hoth
      4. Mangools SERPWatcher 
      5. SE Ranking
      6. ProRankTracker
      7. AccuRanker 




SEMRush is one of the most comprehensive SEO tools, and it works great as a SERP checker to track all of your keywords and rankings. This software has a full host of features that can help to track and optimize your website for search engine rankings. 

Add your web properties to SEMRush to keep tabs on rankings, traffic, domain authority, backlinks, and more. You can keep your domains stored so that you can see how your keyword rankings have changed over time, which keyword drive the most traffic and sales, and learn what related keywords you might be missing out on.

SEMRush works great for tracking keywords and rankings for your website, but it also works for keyword research, competitor analysis, and more. You can enter any URL and learn how much traffic that page or full domain receives, metrics like domain rating, URL rating, and backlink profiles, or compare rankings and keywords to your own site. 


  • Keyword position tracking
  • Traffic analytics
  • “My Reports” for domains 
  • Historical site data
  • SEO auditing tools
  • Organic keywords and analytics
  • Keyword research 
  • Topic research
  • Brand monitoring



  • Fully comprehensive digital marketing tool
  • Easy to track projects and keywords
  • Competitive analysis 
  • Keyword gap analysis and research



  • Expensive
  • Not for beginners



SEMRush is one of the most popular tools in the SEO world, and it’s great for tracking your projects, keywords, rankings, and more. If you only need a simple Google rank checker, however, SEMRush may be a bit too complex. 

Learn More





SerpStat is another website ranking tracker that comes with a host of SEO and marketing tools and features. This all-in-one platform can help organize and optimize your online marketing efforts, and one of its best features is its keyword tracker. 

SerpStat’s SERP checker is advanced, so you get more information and insights to improve your website. It provides SERP historical data, keyword grouping by tags, and traffic distribution insights to see which domains get traffic from certain keywords. It can even show the market share distributions over time, as well as local search rankings. 

Aside from SerpStat’s rank tracking software, it also offers a backlink analysis tool, site audit, competitor research, and comprehensive keyword research. Its “tree view” keyword distribution makes it easy to see more keyword metrics including position, search volume, CPC, and more. 


  • Position tracking 
  • Advanced SERP analytics
  • Historical SERP data
  • Keyword grouping
  • Traffic distribution insights 
  • Market share fluctuations 
  • Local search rankings
  • Backlink analysis
  • Keyword research
  • Site audit
  • Competitive analysis



  • Advanced SERP analytics 
  • Historical ranking data
  • SOV insights 
  • Comprehensive SEO tools 



  • No mobile keyword differentiation
  • Limited keywords depending on plan



SerpStat is one of the best tools for tracking your search engine rankings. It has more advanced SERP information that many competitors, and it features various other tools to improve your website’s rankings. 

Learn More


The Hoth

the hoth

The Hoth is a well known and respected name in SEO, and their rank checking tool makes it easy to stay on top of your websites’ performance. They offer a free Google SEO ranking checker, so you can plug in your URL for free to see where it ranks for assorted keywords. Once you’ve tested out their software, you can sign up for an account to track your keywords daily. 

The Hoth Rank Tracker tool provides daily updates to monitor your keyword positions and see how your marketing campaigns are faring. You can set notifications for big changes so that any progress is recorded. It also tracks mobile and local results separately, so you have a full view of your SEO rankings. 

For agencies, the Hoth Rank Tracker can provide white label reporting to share with clients. Their keyword tracker is priced by the number of keywords needed, so it is flexible for smaller to larger websites. The Hoth also provides a host of digital marketing tools and features so that you can constantly work to improve your rankings as you track them. 


  • Keyword rank tracking
  • Daily keyword updates
  • Mobile rankings
  • Local search rankings
  • White label reporting
  • Free rank checker 
  • Link building tools
  • Content creation services
  • SEO management



  • Fast, accurate rank tracking
  • Flexible pricing 
  • Mobile and local rankings 
  • Other SEO tools 



  • Can get expensive if you need to track a lot of keywords 



The Hoth is a great choice for tracking keywords, and their scalable pricing is great for small businesses that only need to track a small number of keywords. 

Learn More



SERPWatcher by Mangools


Mangools’ SERPWatcher makes it incredibly simple to track your keywords. This keyword tracker can keep tabs on your keywords’ positions on Google, any recent changes, search volume, and more. It also provides keyword suggestions and competitor keywords. 

Since the point of tracking keywords is to understand your website’s performance, SERPWater provides a Performance Index to provide organic traffic insights based on your keyword positions and their search volumes. You can set daily updates to see how SERP rankings change. 

SERPWatcher also provides rankings in any location, so you can check local search rankings in various service areas. You can also switch between mobile and desktop rankings. Share interactive ranking reports via a link to show clients or teammates how your website is performing. 


  • Keyword position tracking 
  • Performance Index
  • Daily updates
  • Mobile and desktop rankings
  • Local search rankings in any location
  • Interactive ranking reports
  • Keyword tagging
  • Email alerts 



  • Accurate, thorough keyword metrics
  • Performance index reveals more than just SERP position
  • Ability to change location 
  • Affordable



  • Packages include other Mangools tools which 



SERPWatcher by Mangools is a great, intuitively designed tool for tracking your keywords. It offers solid metrics to track performance. 

Learn More



SE Ranking

se ranking

SE Ranking is an all-in-one SEO software that offers a high quality SERP checker. It promises 100% accurate keyword rank tracking, with real-time position changes. SE Ranking tracks keyword positions across various search engines, including Google but also Yahoo, Bing, and YouTube for those sharing videos. 

SE Ranking can track SERPs in any location, so you can check local rankings for clients around the world, or see how your content fares in other locales. It analyzes Google SERPs on both desktop and mobile devices. SE Ranking also reports on Google features like Maps, Ads, and beyond. You can also add and track deep metrics on 5 competitors to see how your website stands up against theirs. 

Aside from website rankings, SE Ranking also provides competitor research, website audits, backlink checkers, social media management, and more. This is a full-service SEO tool that can help you track your rankings and make efforts to improve them via the other tools included. 


  • Checks SERPs for Google, Bing, Yahoo, and YouTube
  • Location based SERPs
  • Mobile and desktop results 
  • Google Maps and Ad tracking 
  • Competitor rank tracking and analysis
  • Keyword and competitor tagging
  • Website audits
  • Backlink checker
  • Social media management
  • On-page SEO audits 



  • Rank tracking for various SERPs 
  • In-depth competitor rank tracking
  • Tagging to organize SERP features
  • Other SEO tools 



  • Learning curve for beginners
  • Plan includes all tools, not just ranking tools



SE Ranking is a solid tool to improve your SEO, but it may not be for beginners who are only looking for a rank tracker. 

Learn More





ProRankTracker is a tool completely focused on SEO keyword tracking. It claims to use “the most accurate algorithm of any rank-tracking tool” so it can offer the most accurate, up-to-date rankings for your website. It’s multi-lingual, so it reports in various languages and locations. 

ProRankTracker provides daily updates to keep you informed of your website’s performance. You can also perform on-demand updates for real time tracking. It offers robust reporting, with plenty of powerful and customizable report options. All reports are white label and easy to share, with various file types and easy sharing settings. 

ProRankTracker provides local and global rankings, as well as Google Maps and Google My Business rankings. This tool differentiates between mobile and desktop rankings as well. It’s easy to check your rankings on the go with their mobile app. 


  • Real time rank tracking 
  • On-demand updates 
  • Robust reporting
  • White label reports 
  • Local and global rankings
  • Multi-lingual 
  • Location based rankings
  • Desktop and mobile SERPs
  • Google Maps and GMB rankings 
  • Mobile app 



  • Accurate rank tracking
  • Various metrics and reports
  • Multi-lingual



  • Not intuitively designed 



ProRankTracker is a highly focused tool for checking your SEO rankings. It doesn’t have the extra functionality that some competitors offer, but it is great at keeping track of your SERPs. 

Learn More





AccuRanker claims to be “the world’s fastest keyword rank tracker”. This tool updates every 24 hours for daily SERP changes, but can also be refreshed on demand for keyword position changes every second hour. The data updates in only a few seconds, so you won’t have to wait to learn how your keywords are ranking. 

AccuRanker provides an in-depth analysis of your rankings, with useful metrics and performance indicators. You can filter the data in various ways to organize and learn more about your keyword positions. It’s also possible to make customized reports to show the data most important to you or to clients. 

With AccuRanker, you can track keywords in any location, on mobile or desktops. You can also track competitors, and the software will even aggregate your top 10 competitors. It also accounts or SERP features like featured snippets, map packs, and more. AccuRanker works with various third-party integrations, so your other tools can work together with this tracker software. 


  • Keyword rank tracking
  • Wide range of keyword metrics 
  • On-demand updates 
  • Customizable reports 
  • Mobile and desktop rankings 
  • Competitor keyword tracking 
  • SERP feature tracking 
  • 3rd party integrations 
  • SERP history
  • Share of voice



  • Fast updates 
  • Tracks extra SERP features
  • Competitor tracking 
  • Wide range of metrics



  • Expensive for smaller businesses
  • Poor customer support



AccuRanker is a good tool for keyword tracking and it is very focused on tracking SERPs. It may not be suitable for smaller businesses, however. 

Learn More



Final Thoughts 

Maintaining a website is no small feat; if you run your company’s website or you work in the SEO field, tracking your website’s performance is key to learning how to improve upon it. Use one of the best rank trackers from our list to see where your website stands on Google search.


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Kicksta Reviews in 2020

Kicksta is one of the most popular online services offering Instagram followers. This growth service promises organic growth, with “no spam, no fake followers, no bots”. Kicksta guarantees customers real followers, so your account shouldn’t be flooded with fake accounts or spammy bots. 

There are plenty of online services promising Instagram growth, but only a few are high quality. Kicksta is a solid choice for anyone looking to increase their Instagram following, as it is relatively safe and reliable. 

Learn More about Kicksta


How Does Kicksta Work? 

Kicksta uses artificial intelligence technology to help grow your Instagram account. When you sign up with Kicksta, you provide a list of your competitors, influencers, and complementary accounts within your niche or industry. This helps Kicksta to target those accounts’ followers, as they are following similar accounts to yours and are more likely to follow and engage with your content. 

Once you’ve signed up and provided the necessary information, Kicksta’s software auto-likes your targeted followers’ posts from your account to engage with them. This is meant to catch their attention so that those users check out your profile and follow you. All you have to do is frequently post high quality content, and Kicksta will help bring you new followers. 


Is Kicksta Safe? 

Yes, Kicksta is a safe choice if you need to grow your Instagram followers. They use safe, organic growth methods. Unlike other growth services, they won’t give you fake followers, and the growth occurs slowly over time, so it doesn’t send any red flags to Instagram. 

Our Kicksta Review

Kicksta offers slow but steady Instagram growth, which is the best and safest way to find followers. Their liking method attracts the attention of accounts in your niche, so that users will check out your profile and hopefully give you a follow. 

What We Like

  • Organic growth methods
  • Targets real followers
  • No contract – month to month payments, cancel anytime


What We Don’t Like

  • Growth can be unreliable – some weeks with lots of new followers, some weeks with very few
  • Only relies on likes, which may not attract the attention of less active users 


Learn More about Kicksta

Kicksta Google Reviews


powered by Google

Jeremy Richards
Jeremy Richards

22:26 04 Apr 19
Knowledgeable and easy to work with. They make Instagram easy for those of us who aren’t that savvy. Growth has been great and the followers have been quality. Couldn’t be happier.


18:59 05 Apr 19
Kicksta provides quality growth management for our clients, adds tons of value, and is quick to respond to our creative agency of brand managers. The work they do is great, and the service is even better!

Judd Bowman
Judd Bowman

21:58 04 Apr 19
Excellent service. They walk the walk and I highly recommend. Thank you!

Pamela Standish
Pamela Standish

16:33 08 Apr 19
I went form 150 followers to 1500 followers in 3 months. Although the following rate is slowing down,a s a relatively new business, it was essential I up my following numner and Kicksta was intrumental in doing so.

Doc Vail
Doc Vail

15:51 09 Apr 19
The service works well enough. The online dashboard isn’t as useful since the recent update.

See All Reviews

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Best Social Media Management Tools to Step Up Your Social Media Marketing

Social media has become one of the most important marketing channels. No matter what type of business you operate, social media is essential to share your brand’s mission, products or services, and more to show that your business is legitimate and trustworthy. 

Managing social media is not as easy as it may seem, however, which is why many companies use social media management tools. Social media management software can help to plan social content, come up with topics, schedule posts, track analytics, and much more. The best social media tools offer a host of features to boost your social media marketing and improve your business. 

Top Social Media Marketing Tools 

We’ve done the research and compiled the best social media management tools and software available to grow your business’ online presence. Check out our top picks for managing social media in 2020. 

These are the Best Social Media Management Tools:

      1. 99 Dollar Social
      2. Oktopost
      3. Crowdfire
      4. Iconosquare
      5. Social Bee
      6. Tailwind
      7. Missinglettr
      8. Social Pilot 
      9. Audiense
      11. SocialOomph 


99 Dollar Social

99 dollar social

99 Dollar Social is a social media content management service that takes social media posting off of your plate, so you can focus on other aspects of your business. This software provides fresh content, posting as regularly as seven days a week, all year, for the low cost of $99 per month. 

Their social content services include posting to Facebook and one other social platform daily on your behalf. 99 Dollar Social offers unique content that is relevant to your business. They post articles and images chosen to appeal to your target audience, as well as weekly promotional posts for your products and services. 

99 Dollar Social is an easy and affordable way to manage your social media accounts. Rather than paying a staff member to manage social media, you can save money and leave it to the social media gurus at 99 Dollar Social. Signing up is easy – simply provide information about your business, your target market, and more, and they’ll take over from there.


  • Social media content management
  • Daily posting on Facebook and one other platform of your choice
  • Promotional and informational posts
  • Targeted, relevant content
  • Social profile optimization
  • More robust plans available 



  • Takes social posting completely out of your hands
  • Customizable
  • Customer support 



  • Basic plan only posts to two social networks 
  • Instagram not included in basic package


If you need help managing social media, 99 Dollar Social is a great solution. It offers consistent posting without any effort on your part, and it’s affordable for small businesses

Learn More





Oktopost is a robust platform that offers social media management, social employee advocacy, and social media promotions. You can manage all of your social media profiles from this tool, so that you can handle posts, analytics, and more without logging into all of your social networks. 

Oktopost’s management tool allows you to schedule and publish posts from a simple, drag and drop editorial calendar. Your calendars will be organized by campaign and by platform, with color coding and intuitive features. This software offers smart scheduling, which detects the best time to post for your audience. It also provides content curation suggestions with the latest and most relevant posts to share. 

Oktopost offers detailed, actionable analytics for all of your social platforms. Their employee advocacy platform helps turn your employees into brand ambassadors to improve the reach of your posts. Their promotional tools make it easy to streamline marketing efforts to increase leads and sales.


  • Social media management
  • Social media scheduling
  • Social listening
  • Social employee advocacy 
  • Social media promotions 
  • Audience analytics
  • Engagement reports
  • Third party integrations 
  • Global team management



  • Full service social media tool
  • Color coded editorial calendars for social posts
  • Works with all social media channels 
  • Robust analytics and integrations with other tools 



  • Expensive for small businesses 



 Oktopost is one of the best tools out there for managing branded social accounts. It can be expensive for smaller teams, but for larger organizations this is one of the best ways to stay organized and to improve upon your social campaigns. 

Learn More





With Crowdfire, you can manage all of your social profiles from one dashboard. This tool provides relevant content based on your niche or area of interest, so there’s always something new to share on your social accounts. It offers different posts tailored for each unique social network, so it will automatically ensure that the posts fit the style of each channel.

Crowdfire helps publish content from your blog, online store, or website easily. It creates social posts to promote your content and publishes for you. You can also create calendars to pre-schedule all of your content. The platform allows for custom publish dates and times, or it will automatically post at the time when your followers are most engaged. 

Crowdfire can also provide images based on the most relevant topics for your brand. It creates RSS feeds, and you can use a Google Chrome extension to share articles you like as you see them. Aside from content curation and publication, Crowdfire offers analytics to track your social campaigns and creates a unified inbox for all of your social mentions. 


  • Schedule and publish content to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn from your dashboard
  • Tailored posts for each platform’s format with previews
  • Customizable timing, or automatic best time to post recommendations 
  • Queue meter
  • Custom RSS feeds
  • Advanced analytics
  • Content curation tool
  • Social mention alerts and management



  • Content scheduling and publishing
  • Content curation recommendations and Chrome extension for easy sharing
  • Social mention inbox 
  • Social media analytics 



  • No post previews before scheduling out posts
  • Suggested content isn’t always relevant enough 



Crowdfire is a great tool for social media management, as it allows you to schedule, publish, share, and respond to mentions while also offering robust analytics. 

Learn More





Iconosquare offers analytics, publishing, and monitoring tools for social media. This platform makes it easy to manage and improve upon your Facebook and Instagram accounts – two of the most popular social networks, especially for advertising purposes. Iconosquare offer actionable insights and analytics to improve your social media marketing campaigns, as well as other tools for management. 

Iconosquare’s analytics are advanced but easy to understand, with customizable dashboards and various metrics to track performance. You can manage multiple accounts on one dashboard, so you can handle clients or multiple brands at once. Track competitors to see how you measure up on metrics like growth, engagement, reach, and more. 

Iconosquare’s scheduler saves you time and effort with built-in features like automatic best time to post, geolocation, and user tagging. You can plan out a content calendar and schedule it in advance, and use bulk uploading and previews to see what your feed will look like down the road. With social listening, you can monitor and respond to mentions on one platform.


  • Advanced analytics
  • Competitor tracking
  • Instagram story analytics
  • Hashtag tracking 
  • Social media scheduling
  • Bulk uploading
  • Profile previews
  • Social listening



  • Full social media management platform 
  • Scheduling and publishing 
  • Social listening inbox 
  • Competitor analysis



  • Only works with Instagram and Facebook



If Facebook and Instagram are your bread and butter for social media marketing, this tool is extremely useful for tracking progress, scheduling out a content calendar, and more. 

Learn More



Social Bee 

social bee

Social Bee is focused on procuring leads for their users. This is a full service social media management platform with training, tools, and tips. You can automate your social posting so that you can focus on other aspects of your online business with this software. It has RSS functionality, various import features, and Zapier integration so that you can automatically queue new content on Social Bee. 

Categorize content so that your social channels have different types of content posted regularly. You can tag evergreen content so that it can be recycled regularly to improve its reach. It can also post different variations of similar posts to reshare deals or promotions. Social Bee also allows you to using custom URLs and tracking metrics to see how your social posts perform.

Social Bee can post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google My Business. It provides an organized calendar for social media scheduling, with the ability to separate different social channels into different schedules and to customize time of post, how long the post stays up, and more. Social Bee also provides great analytics, including audience insights. 


  • Scheduling and publishing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google My Business
  • Category based scheduling based on evergreen and other categories
  • Post variations for reposting
  • Set post expiration dates
  • Post previews
  • Bulk post editor
  • Schedule overview calendar
  • Hashtag collection
  • Custom RSS feeds and easy import integrations 
  • Custom URLs and tracking codes
  • Audience analytics
  • Collaboration tools 
  • Performance analytics and reporting 



  • Full service manager for social media
  • Works with all of the most common social networks 
  • Post optimization and tracking 
  • Advanced analytics



  • Not the most intuitive; takes some time to understand, but documentation and support are provided 



Social Bee is one of the most robust social media tools; it can automatically schedule and publish posts, track analytics, and has unique post organization through its categories. It is also one of the few tools that can publish on most of the popular social media sites. 

Learn More





Tailwind is a scheduling tool for social media that makes it easier to manage your posting schedule. It is easy to use and 100% safe and reliable. Tailwind works for Instagram and Pinterest, so for businesses looking to use visual social media marketing to show off their products, infographics, and more, this is a useful tool. 

Scheduling your social media calendar is simple with Tailwind. You can schedule photos and videos on Instagram with ease, take advantage of 1-click hashtag recommendations to improve your reach, and use Tailwind’s SmartSchedule to automatically post at times when your audience is most active and engaged. 

Pinterest is a growing platform for marketing, and Tailwind makes it easy to post up to 10 pins with 1 click. Their drag and drop calendar allows you to schedule pins over the upcoming weeks. You can also use Tailwind Tribes to connect with Pinterest influencers and expand your reach, or use SmartLoop to reshare relevant content. 


  • Instagram image and video scheduling
  • SmartSchedule picks the time when your audience is most engaged
  • 1-Click hashtag recommendations
  • Pinterest bulk scheduling
  • Analytics
  • Tailwind Tribes on Pinterest
  • SmartLoop resharing



  • Great scheduler for Instagram and Pinterest
  • Social media marketing with Tailwind Tribes, hashtags, and Smart Scheduling 
  • Useful analytics on post performance


  • Only works for Instagram and Pinterest 
  • Not a full-service manager 



Tailwind is a great tool to stay on top of your Instagram and Pinterest marketing, but it can’t manage all of your social media channels and still requires some effort to schedule your posts. 

Learn More





Missinglettr is a great tool for bloggers; it turns your blog posts into social media posts automatically, so you don’t have to put forth the effort to craft a social campaign. If you feel like your blog isn’t getting the traffic it deserves, Missinglettr can help you direct social media users towards your blog and improve traffic, leads, sales, and more. 

Missinglettr allows you to focus on the content creation while they automate the content promotion. This tool can help you schedule up to a year’s worth of content in no time, so you can sit back and focus on improving your blog so that your new visitors convert into customers or subscribers. 

This software automatically detects new blog posts and creates a series of social media posts to match it, including hashtags, quotes, and images. The posts are AI generated, but you can make tweaks and edits before approving them to post. Missinglettr can publish your blog posts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google My Business.


  • Social content creation
  • Social scheduling and publishing
  • Promotional materials based on blog content 
  • AI generated posts 
  • Medium repurposing 
  • Content templates to match your brand
  • ROI and analytics
  • Hashtag recommendations
  • Branded imagery 
  • Custom URL shorteners 



  • Creates, schedules, and publishes social posts
  • Various post options and templates to choose from 
  • AI generated but customizable
  • Inexpensive 



  • Doesn’t work with Instagram posting



If you’re a blogger who doesn’t have time to focus on pushing your content on social media, Missinglettr is one of the best ways to manage your social accounts and increase traffic to your blog posts. 

Learn More



Social Pilot 

social pilot

Social Pilot is another great choice for managing your social media marketing. It functions as a content curator, scheduling and publishing tool, social inbox tool, and provides detailed social media analytics. Social Pilot works with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google My Business, Tumblr, TikTok, and Vk. 

Social Pilot’s publishing tools include content calendars and schedules, bulk scheduling, RSS feed integration, and content curation suggestions to share relevant content on your page. Schedule posts with ease and keep track of all of your campaigns in one place on their dashboard. The dashboard is complete with analytics focused on factors like content performance, audience insights, and much more.

Social Pilot also provides an organized social inbox, so you can view all of your comments, messages, and posts in one place. The social inbox currently only connects to Facebook. Another Facebook specific offering is their Facebook ads creator, which makes it easy to create, manage, and track ad performance. 


  • Schedules posts to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google My Business, Tumblr, TikTok, and Vk. 
  • Social media calendar creation and management
  • Bulk scheduling 
  • Content curation dashboard
  • RSS feeds automation
  • Browser extension for sharing blog posts
  • Collaboration tools
  • Social inbox
  • Facebook Ads manager
  • Analytics



  • Posts to all major social media channels
  • Easy scheduler and calendar management
  • Insightful analytics 



  • Social inbox only connects to Facebook 



Social Pilot is a great tool for managing all of your social media campaigns in one place. Its best feature is its content calendar scheduling and publication, but it has other unique and useful features as well. 

Learn More






Audiense helps companies learn more about their online audiences through segmentation, analysis, and more. Their consumer segmentation makes it easy to see who your audience actually is and how to best engage with them across various social platforms. 

The Audiense Insights tool segments your audience and filters based on factors such as demographics, employment, user profiles, affinities, and more. This tool uses machine learning to better understand who visits your website and social profiles, so you can learn about users’ interests and how visitors are connected. It pulls content from social channels and the web, so you can get to the heart of your visitors interests and personalities to learn about their purchasing habits and process. 

Their other tool, Audiense Connect, is one of the best tools for Twitter marketing. You can easily create a custom Twitter chatbot to DM subscribers and customers. It also offers community analysis and management, advanced social listening, and tailored audiences on Twitter for advertising purposes. 


  • Audience insights
  • Custom segmentation
  • Segment based on large number of factors 
  • Engagement tips based on segmentation 
  • Twitter chatbot 
  • Twitter analysis, listening, and ad audiences 



  • One of the most robust segmentation tools
  • Learn more about your online audience 
  • Twitter marketing capabilities
  • In depth reporting 


  • Marketing tool only works with Twitter 



If you want to learn more about your audiences on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, this is one of the best tools for audience insights and segmentation. It’s also great for those looking to expand their Twitter marketing campaigns. 

Learn More 


Analisa offers Instagram and TikTok insights and analytics. If your brand is looking to appeal to a younger audience, Instagram and TikTok are probably the two most lucrative and popular platforms to focus on. Analisa provides robust reporting on both platforms, so you can analyze your performance and learn how to improve. 

This tool offers profile analytics and hashtag analytics for both TikTok and Instagram growth, as well as follower analytics for Instagram so you can track your followers and growth. The follower analytics also break down your audience based on factors like age, gender, location, and the authenticity of the account. 

Analisa provides a host of useful insights, including a competitor analysis, follower demographics, historical data, and content and influencer optimization. Their dashboard is easy to navigate and offers a large amount of useful metrics. Analisa has a free basic plan, but it lacks most of the functionality of the full version, so we recommend using it only on a trial basis. 


  • Profile and hashtag analytics
  • Instagram followers analytics
  • Historical data 
  • Follower demographics and authenticity analytics
  • Activity, engagement, and performance metrics
  • Campaign reporting
  • Competitive analysis
  • Influencer mapping 
  • Tagged relationships tracking



  • Robust reporting and analytics
  • Competitor analysis 
  • Follower authenticity analysis and other demographics 
  • Actionable insights



  • Only compatible with Instagram and TikTok 
  • Free plan lacks most features 


Verdict is a great tool for those primarily on Instagram and TikTok, and probably a good pick for anyone chasing a younger audience. It provides great reporting to better understand and improve upon your social media performance. 

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SocialOomph is a tool that makes it easy to plan out and schedule your social media content. This software offers precise scheduling for Facebook, LinkedIn, Discord, Pinterest, Twitter, Reddit, Mastodon, and StockTwits, as well as blog scheduling for Shopify, Tumblr, and WordPress

SocialOomph is a simple but sophisticated scheduling tool, with unique features useful for your social media marketing campaigns. One feature is self destructing posts, which self-delete after a certain amount of time. These are great for promoting short-term deals or promotions. You can also set up post queues and use bulk scheduling, so you can schedule out content as far in the future as you need. 

This tool is affordable and scalable, so it’s great for both individuals and teams or businesses. It’s easy to use and takes some of the work of social posting off of your plate.


  • Schedules social posts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, Discord, Mastadon, and StockTwits
  • Schedules blog posts on and .org, Shopify, and Tumblr
  • RSS Feeds with Optional Keyword Filtering
  • Create post queues
  • Webhooks
  • Bulk Uploading
  • Self-Destructing Posts 
  • Post flood control
  • Scalable for individuals or for teams 



  • Accurate posting for most social networks 
  • Self destructing posts are useful for promotions 
  • Bulk scheduling and queues
  • Inexpensive 



  • Doesn’t work with Instagram 
  • Simplistic compared to competitors



If your goal is to schedule out social posts in advance, SocialOomph is a good, affordable choice. 

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Final Thoughts

Use these social media tools to manage your social accounts and improve their performance! Social media is one of the most popular advertising and branding platforms in marketing, so don’t miss out on potential leads and customers. Choose one of the tools from our list to make the most of your social channels.

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Best Baltimore SEO Company: Top 9 SEO Companies in Baltimore

9 Best SEO Companies in Baltimore

If you’re looking for the best SEO experts in Baltimore, look no further. The Charm City is home to many businesses, all of which could use SEO to improve their website’s rankings and draw more customers through their doors.

Choosing a Baltimore SEO company can be difficult, however. It’s important to pick a reputable SEO agency that you can trust with your website. We’ve done the research for you, so you can find the best SEO services in Baltimore with ease.

fusion seo

Fusion SEO

Baltimore, MD

Fusion SEO provides professional digital marketing services to the Baltimore, Maryland area and beyond. They offer local SEO, ecommerce, web development, pay-per-click campaigns, and social media marketing. Fusion SEO is committed to increasing rankings, traffic, and revenue for their client’s websites. This agency promises affordability, high quality services, and innovative white-hat SEO.

search ninjas

The Search Ninjas

Baltimore, MD

The Search Ninjas is a Baltimore SEO company that provides clients with search engine optimization to keep their clients on the top of Google search results. They offer advanced analytics and reporting to keep you informed of your website’s performance and ways to improve. The Search Ninjas also do web development, PPC, and Adwords campaigns. They serve lawyers and other businesses, focusing on Google local listings, link building, user experience, and organic search rankings.


Dragonfly Digital Marketing

Baltimore, MD

Dragonfly Digital Marketing works with local clients in the Baltimore area and national clients, improving the performance of their websites. This agency provides SEO services, social media marketing, paid advertising, content marketing, email marketing, and web analytics. Dragonfly Digital Marketing is committed to integrity, quality, and providing creative solutions through years of experience in their field.

web mechanix

Web Mechanix

Columbia, MD

Web Mechanix is focused on creating results for their clients. They provide digital marketing services including SEO, PPC, conversion optimization, email marketing, and automation. They also provide UX and web design and development to improve every aspect of client websites. Web Mechanix’s team is thoughtful and goal oriented, creating a specific strategy for each unique client.

pbj marketing

PBJ Marketing

Washington, D.C.

PBJ Marketing is located in Washington DC, but serves the Baltimore area and beyond. They provide full service digital marketing strategies, including paid media, search engine optimization, website design, and brand strategy. Their SEO services begin with a free analysis and follow with in-depth keyword research, on-site optimization, off-site technical SEO, content marketing, and more.

dreamscape marketing

Dreamscape Marketing

Columbia, MD

Dreamscape Marketing provides “transparent, ethical, digital marketing”. They are a full-service digital marketing agency, offering SEO, content marketing, PPC ads, web design and hosting, and more. Dreamscape Marketing works with a wide range of industries, including many medical clients ranging from dentists and healthcare facilities to other small businesses. Their mission is to return a high ROI and qualified leads through their marketing expertise.



Towson, MD

Duckpin provides full marketing services, creating strategic brand strategies focused on a cohesive brand experience. They have worked with large national brands like Under Armour as well as smaller, local startups. Duckpin’s services include SEO, branding, web design and development, app and UX design, and other digital marketing services. The team at Duckpin combines their distinct skill sets to create a unique strategy for their clients.

gauge digital media

Gauge Digital Media

Baltimore, MD

Gauge Digital Media offers a host of digital marketing services in the Baltimore area and nationally. Their specialties include search engine optimization, search marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, web design, and graphic design. Their targeted strategy focuses on research, planning, execution, and analysis to make continued improvements for their clients. 



Baltimore, MD

Vitamin offers creative digital marketing solutions for brands. Vitamin is focused on telling your brand’s story, with branded integration across all platforms. They offer a big picture strategy for businesses looking to improve their online presence, including digital experience, brand strategy, and media services. 

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8 Best Content Writing Services of 2020: Website Content Creation 

Content is king. Every website needs content to inform visitors of their offerings, improve website freshness, and as a vital factor for SEO. Writing website content can be time consuming and expensive, however, and paying a full time content writer isn’t a possibility for many companies.

Luckily, there are online content writing services that will write content for you. These services work with trained, professional writers who are experienced in web content creation. Save money and improve your website with one of the best content services!

Top Online Writing Services:

We’ve done the research and found the best content writing services available online today. These services are affordable and offer high quality, well-written content. 

These are the Best Content Services: 

      1. SEO Butler
      2. Verblio
      3. Hoth Blogger
      4. Writer Access
      5. Content Cucumber
      6. Human Proof Designs 
      7. Content Development Pros
      8. Hire Writers 


SEO Butler

seo butler

SEO Butler is an SEO tool with a lot to offer, including search optimized content to add to your websites, blogs, and guest blogs. They deliver first-rate content, written by native English speakers in the US and UK. SEO Butler’s content writers are skilled in SEO and conversion writing, so they can create web content that drives conversions

Ordering content from SEO Butler is efficient and organized. They offer various types of content, including general blog posts, technical blog writing, website content, affiliate product reviews, buyers guides, category and product descriptions, guest posts, and more. They also offer Surfer optimized content in collaboration with the auditing tool, Surfer SEO. 

SEO Butler’s content creation comes at a cost per word, which varies depending on the style of content you need. This service is reliable, with high quality and well written articles and a quick turnaround time. If your order is above 5000 words, they offer a 10% discount, as well as bulk pricing for orders larger than 10,000 words. 


  • Well-written content
  • Written by native English speakers
  • Various content types 
  • Bulk pricing 
  • SEO writing
  • CRO optimized
  • Surfer optimized content
  • Guest posting
  • Social signals
  • Press releases 
  • Citations 


  • High quality content 
  • Choose based on type of content needed
  • Discounts on bulk orders
  • Trained in SEO and CRO 



  • Expensive 



SEO Butler is one of our favorite content writing services. This service provides high quality content, it’s easy to order very specific content, and their team is a pleasure to work with in our own experience. 

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Verblio utilizes over 3000 US-based content writers to provide a diverse writing service for websites of various industries. Self proclaimed “content marketing enthusiasts”, this service works with writers with expertise in a wide variety of industries, so you can find someone with experience in your industry to write authoritative content.

Verblio provides a wide range of content styles: blog content, articles, eBooks, product descriptions, and even video content. If you sign up for their Pro Services, you also get content strategy, topic ideas, and even SEO assistance. For agencies, Verblio offers an easy dashboard to organize your different clients.

One of the main differences between Verblio and other content services is that the writers choose to write your topic in Verblio. You simply submit your topic and details, and interested writers can pick up topics that fit their expertise. Choose from various drafts from different writers and only pay for the content you choose. 


  • High quality content 
  • US-based content writers
  • Various types of content
  • Video content
  • Experts from diverse industries
  • Content strategy
  • Topic brainstorming
  • SEO
  • Agency options
  • Flexible subscription models



  • Quality content from niche industry experts
  • Choose the best piece of content submitted
  • Video content
  • Flexible plans for individuals, businesses, or agencies



  • No guarantee that you’ll get several options from writers 
  • Can become pricey



Verblio is a great way to order content regularly, especially with their subscription plans. We like the ability to choose between different writers’ submissions for the content that best matches your brand’s voice. 

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Hoth Blogger

hoth blogger

The Hoth is one of the best known names in SEO, and they offer a host of digital marketing products to improve your website. One of their services offered is the Hoth Blogger web content creation. Hoth Blogger allows you to “put your blog on autopilot” so that your website is creating relevant content regularly without effort on your part.

The Hoth Blogger services offers professionally written content with thorough research. Since the Hoth is an SEO company, you can rest assured that their content is search optimized and keeps CRO in mind so that visitors to your blog convert into customers. Their writers have diverse backgrounds, so they can write on any topic, no matter how complex.

Hoth Blogger also publishes the posts for you, so you don’t have to go through the process of editing and formatting their content onto your blog. They offer topic ideation as well to keep your topics fresh, and all posts come with a matching stock image. Hoth Blogger has white label solutions for agencies, as well as two different package offerings for customers. 


  • High quality content
  • Topic ideation
  • SEO optimization
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Clean HTML formatting
  • Optional direct publishing 
  • White label solutions
  • 1 stock image per article



  • Reliable, high quality writers
  • SEO included 
  • Direct publishing for hands-off blogging
  • Easy order form



  • Pro service with qualified industry writers is twice the price



The Hoth is well known and trusted, and their Blogger service is a reliable and high quality way to order content. 

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Writer Access

writer access

Writer Access sets you up with a network of professional writers, so you can easily get the content your website needs. This platform makes it easy to find and hire writers to create content, with advanced search tools and AI search capabilities to find the best writer for your niche and industry. 

Once you find a writer that matches your brand, you can look through their portfolio with performance ratings, samples, and more. From there you can order content at their rate, detailing the length, topic, keywords, and more. There are unlimited revisions, so you can request edits if necessary.

Writer Access has an easy-to-use dashboard where you can streamline the content ordering process and manage workflow. It even has one-click integrations with tools like Hubspot and WordPress, so you can publish your content directly from Writer Access.


  • Advanced and AI writer search engine
  • Author portfolios with sample work
  • Performance ratings
  • Easy content ordering and management
  • Unlimited revisions
  • One-click integrations 
  • White label solution
  • Built-in Copyscape tester



  • Search and hire writers for your industry and budget
  • Samples and ratings to review before hiring
  • Easy publishing integrations
  • Affordable software pricing 



  • Subscription based – can’t order individual pieces of content 
  • Some complaints of misleading ratings



If you need regular content without breaking the bank, Writer Access is a great tool that connects you to writers with different prices and backgrounds. 

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Content Cucumber 

content cucumber

Content Cucumber is another reliable writing service for website blogs, articles, landing pages, and more. This service is a bit different than others on this list, as you don’t pay per word or per article, but rather per month. If you choose Content Cucumber, you receive one dedicated writer for your projects for one flat monthly fee.

While there aren’t various packages available from Content Cucumber, buying their monthly service affords you plenty of content. Your writer works daily, producing as much content as you request, with unlimited requests available. The content includes stock images if needed, as well as unlimited, free revisions at your request. 

Content Cucumber essentially lets you hire a full-time content writer on a monthly basis, but at a much lower cost than the process of actually hiring your own content creator. If you aren’t satisfied after 14 days, they grant a full refund.


  • Full-time content writer on monthly contract
  • Unlimited content requests 
  • Most commonly used for blog or email writing 
  • Unlimited, free revisions 
  • Satisfaction, money-back guarantee 
  • 1-2 day turnaround on content 



  • Unlimited amount of content within one month
  • Cheaper than contracting a content writer
  • Experienced blog writers



  • Not useful for smaller batches of content 



If you need a large amount of content, Content Cucumber is an affordable way to utilize an experienced content writer for a month at a time. 

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Human Proof Designs 

human proof designs

Human Proof Designs is focused on affiliate website building, so they offer a host of services. One of those services includes content creation, however, and many brands use Human Proof Designs to order blog content for their websites. 

Human Proof Designs offers a few different content services, including monthly article subscriptions, article packs, eBooks, and storyboard videos. Those looking for regular content creation will enjoy their monthly subscription, which ensures premium quality, SEO friendly articles for your website.  They do everything from research and editing to internal linking and publishing. 

If you don’t want a monthly subscription, their article packs include several articles written and optimized for search. Choose the number of articles you want and choose between their standard or premium offerings, and you’ll receive a pack of blog posts at once that you can publish on your own schedule. 


  • Monthly article subscriptions
  • Article packs 
  • eBook creation
  • Storyboard videos 
  • SEO friendly 
  • Niche keyword packs 
  • Quick delivery 



  • High quality content 
  • SEO optimized 
  • Keyword research based on niche 
  • Bulk packages 



  • Premium packages are pricey 



Human Proof Designs is a great service that offers a host of digital marketing tools, but their content creation is one of the best: it offers bulk content orders at fair prices considering the quality. 

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Content Development Pros 

content development pros

Content Development Pros is another top-notch service for content creation. They offer original content, editing, re-writing, and more. This is one of the most affordable and reliable services, offering everything from blog content to guest blogs, ad copy, landing pages, eBooks, and more. 

Content Development Pros ensures a fast turnaround for articles, and they will match your order directly – the more specific you are, the better. Ordering from Content Development Pros is easy, as they have diverse but specific offerings to meet your needs. Choose from long-form content to micro articles to listicles. 

Content Development Pros ghost write all of their content, so ownership is yours once you approve and pay for your content. Their content is SEO friendly, and the pricing is incredibly flexible. Choose what star rating you want in terms of quality, the number of words, and you can find articles to fit your budget. You can also choose monthly packages or bulk orders.


  • Content creation
  • Editing
  • Re-writing
  • Various types of content 
  • Ghost writing 
  • SEO Friendly 
  • Affordable
  • Individual articles, bulk orders, monthly packages


  • Affordable
  • Flexible ordering for any project 
  • Fast turnaround 



  • Not the best choice for complex or technical topics



Content Development Pros is a great service for cheap blog content, but may not be the best choice for complex, long-form articles. 

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Hire Writers

hire writers

Hire Writers is another reliable and affordable content writing service. This platform connects you to experience web writers, offering an assortment of packages at fair rates. Hire Writers works with a network of 30,000 native English writers with diverse experience and backgrounds, so they can write on any topic.

Hire Writers provides a variety of online writing options, including articles and blog content, eBook creation, translation services, re-writing options, poetry and lyrics, data entry work, and even social media writing like Facebook posts. 

The platform itself is free, and with your free account you can choose the content type that fits your needs and budget. Content prices vary based on the writer’s skill level (beginner, general, skilled, and expert), the type of content, and the number of words needed. You can get short pieces of simple content for as cheap as under $5. 


  • Reliable content creation 
  • Various types of content 
  • Translation
  • Re-writing services



  • Affordable
  • Flat pricing rates 
  • Free platform


  • Other services offer better quality 



If you need an easy way to order cheap content, Hire Writers is extremely affordable. 

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Final Thoughts

Use these content writers to update your blog regularly! Whether you need blog content, landing page content, email copy, or more, these writing services have the skills to take content creation off of your plate.

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Best Blogger Outreach Service: Guest Posting Services for 2020

Digital marketing involves a lot of moving parts. One factor that is important to SEO and website authority is backlinking, and to get backlinks, most companies turn to blogger outreach and guest posting. The best blogger outreach services do the work for you, so you can focus on other aspects of your website and business.  

What is Guest Posting?

Guest posting is when you publish a post on a third party website or blog, including a link back to your own website. This creates backlinks for your site, an important factor for SEO and authority and trust with Google. By linking from another site to yours on a post with a relevant topic for your business, it shows Google and other search engines that your website is an authority on that topic. 

Blogger outreach is the process of finding bloggers, influencers, and websites to write and publish a guest post for you. These services do the outreach work for you, so you can easily find websites willing to publish articles with links back to your site. Some even do the work of writing the guest post as well. 

Best Blog Outreach Software

We’ve done the research, so you can find the right guest posting service for your website. Build links without all of the work of outreach with these tried and true blogger outreach services.

These are the 7 Best Blog Outreach Services:

      1. The Hoth
      2. Fat Joe
      3. Linkredible
      4. Stellar SEO 
      5. Ninja Outreach
      6. Pitchbox 
      7. No-BS


The Hoth

the hoth

The Hoth is one of the biggest names in the world of SEO, offering premium services and digital marketing tips and tricks. One of their main offerings is link building, which includes their guest post and blogger outreach services. The provide white hat links for your website, so you can rest easy knowing that the links pointed at your site are high quality. 

The Hoth uses manual outreach, not bots or automation, to directly reach out to websites to add content and links to their site. All links provided by The Hoth are in-content, organically included so that it looks natural. The Hoth completes niche outreach and also writes a unique, original piece of content to include your links in. 

The Hoth only uses 100% legit websites, no PBNs or spammy sites. All the sites have a minimum domain authority of 10, but many are rated at DR 50 or higher. Choose between domain rating or website traffic: you can set parameters for either and only accept links within your ideal range. Their team ensures that the website and guest post topic are relevant to your industry. 


  • Blogger outreach
  • Guest post creation and placement
  • White-hat in-content links only
  • DR 10-50+
  • 100% real sites only
  • Choose between DR or traffic qualifiers 
  • Manual outreach
  • White label reporting



  • Only posts on real, safe websites
  • White-hat 
  • Relevant website and content topics
  • Original content 



  • Expensive



The Hoth is one of the best digital marketing platforms, and their guest post creation and blog outreach is a great tool for individual users or for agencies, who can use their white label reporting to share with clients. 

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Fat Joe

fat joe

Fat Joe provides link building and content services, all done for you so that you can focus on growing your business. This service provides blogger outreach, link building, and content creation, so they can help improve your website’s authority and build links while you focus on other things. 

Aside from blog outreach, Fat Joe offers niche edits, local business citations, content and blog writing, and press release distribution. All of these together work to improve your website’s SEO and create more trust with Google. Their services are completely scalable to fit your business, with an easy to use dashboard and great customer support.

Fat Joe’s blog outreach ensures natural, relevant, in-content links. They use real blogs and websites, not PBNs or spammy guest posting sites. Their outreach packages range based on the domain authority of the posting site that you want, but packages include original content creation and placement. They promise genuine outreach and no duplicate content or links. 


  • Blogger outreach
  • Content creation
  • Niche edits 
  • Local business citations
  • Press release distribution
  • In-content links
  • Choose your domain authority
  • Real websites, no PBNs
  • No duplication



  • Reliable website placements
  • Ability to choose domain rating 
  • Content creation included
  • Other services for authority



  • Lower priced options can be ineffective in terms of SERP improvements



Fat Joe is one of the best services out there for blogger outreach, as they use white hat tactics and real websites. They also offer other useful services to improve website authority. 

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Linkredible has created and maintained relationships with bloggers and high authority websites, so they can perform outreach better and faster than your own manual efforts. This service is designed for agencies to use as a white label link building option, so SEOs can use this outreach tool to resell to clients. 

Linkredible supplies detailed backlink reports, so you know exactly what you’re getting with their link building packages. Their link building offerings include outreach to bloggers, as well as local citations, press releases, social profiles, and “link pyramids” – a larger package with a mix of links to your site. 

Linkredible’s outreach packages are based on domain rating, so you can pay more for a higher DR placement. They provide 100% real outreach and blog posts with over 750 words written by a native English speaker. Linkredible only posts on real websites with niche relevance to your brand. 


  • Blog outreach 
  • Link pyramids 
  • Local citations 
  • Press release services 
  • Social profiles
  • Choice of domain rating
  • Blog post content creation 
  • SEO packages 
  • White label options
  • Manually negotiated links 
  • High niche relevancy 



  • Manual outreach on real websites
  • Link pyramid packages 
  • White label reporting 
  • High niche relevancy 



  • Expensive



If you’re looking for a white label outreach solution, Linkredible offers great outreach and even better link packages to improve authority. 

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Stellar SEO

stellar seo

Stellar SEO is focused on providing “quality content with impactful link placements” so that your website’s visibility can grow. The team at Stellar SEO will find, pitch, and deliver guest post content on websites that are relevant to your niche to build authority and topical relevance with Google. 

Aside from outreach to blogs, Stellar SEO also offers standard link building and guest posting options like link injects, as well as blog creation for your own site. Their outreach ensures real outreach, real website placements, and real results for their customers. 

Getting started with Stellar SEO is easy. All you have to do is provide your URL and relevant keywords, and they’ll handle the research, pitch, content writing, and placement. You can choose between domain ratings of 20, 30, or 40 depending on your budget and needs. 


  • Real outreach and pitching
  • Guest posting
  • Link building
  • Content creation
  • DR 20+, 30+, or 40+ tiers
  • Blog writing services 



  • Reliable outreach
  • Choose your domain rating needs 
  • Blog writing for your own website authority 



  • Expensive
  • Not as much offered compared to competitors



Stellar SEO is a solid choice for finding link opportunities, but it is on the expensive side and doesn’t offer as much in terms of services and reporting compared to others.

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Ninja Outreach

ninja outreach

Ninja Outreach is your best bet if you’re looking for influencer marketing and outreach. They make it easy to find influencers and bloggers in your niche so that you can create the best relationships and procure the best backlinks for your website. 

NinjaOutreach offers influencer research and outreach for Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube to promote your brand. While influencer marketing is not the same as guest blogging, most influencers have their own websites and blogs that they can provide links on if you’re looking for backlinks. They can also promote your product more directly to their large online audience of loyal followers, which may be a better solution depending on your needs. 

They also offer a link building software that makes it easy to reach out to blogs on your own, using their database to find the right blogs for your brand and their templates to reach out with ease. 


  • Influencer marketing 
  • Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube outreach
  • Link building software
  • Database with bloggers and influencers by niche
  • Outreach templates 
  • Business lead generation
  • Automated influencer outreach 



  • Focused on influencers 
  • Link building software
  • Templates for outreach so that you can do it yourself



  • Less focused on blog outreach



Ninja Outreach is a great tool for connecting with influencers and link building. If your main focus is backlinks, it may not be the best choice, but it’s a good mix of link building and influencer marketing for those that can benefit from both.

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Pitchbox is another great tool to help building authority and organize your outreach campaigns. They offer influencer marketing as well as guest posting, content marketing, and outreach software. This tool is made for SEO agencies working for clients, but can also be used to scale your personal website efforts. 

This comprehensive tool is one of the best for finding bloggers, publishers, and influencers in your industry. Their advanced search tools make it easy to search and find the right websites and influencers for your website and relevant keywords. Once you’ve found the resources you need, you can message them right on the platform with custom messages to start a linking relationship.

Pitchbox allows you to automate outreach and follow up, so you never miss a lead and you save time typing out multiple emails. Their reporting makes it easy to see what opportunities are worthwhile, and they offer white label reports for SEO agencies. 


  • Influencer marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Outreach management
  • Guest posting opportunities
  • Advanced search for bloggers, publishers, and influencers
  • Custom or automated outreach and follow up
  • Advanced reporting
  • White label options



  • Huge database with influencers, bloggers, and online publishers
  • Manage outreach on one platform
  • Automated follow up



  • No content creation
  • Does not perform outreach or placement for you



Pitchbox is a bit different than others on this list, as it doesn’t create the content or place links for you. It is a great tool for organizing your outreach campaigns, however, and makes it much easier to do manual guest posting and influencer marketing.

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No-BS offers link building “without the BS”. This platform is connected with over 10,000 verified publishers, so you know you’re in safe hands when creating links with No-BS. You can cash in on their relationship with bloggers, influencers, and websites across the globe and across various industries to improve your off-page SEO.

No-BS offers various options to increase the number of quality backlinks pointing at your site. They use guest posts, sponsored content, editorial links, and image insertions to give you links. With editorial links and image insertions, you can add your link without contributing new content; they’ll add it to an existing, relevant blog. 

No-BS works with agencies and in-house marketing teams, so this is a scalable option. Provide your information and what you’re looking for, and No-BS takes on the rest. They can do the outreach and publishing process for you, or you can choose “self service” and approve any publishers before No-BS moves forward.


  • Guest posting
  • Sponsored content
  • Editorial link inserts
  • Image insertions 
  • Over 10,000 verified publishers 
  • Reliable outreach



  • Huge network of connections
  • Plenty of linking options 
  • Approve all links first
  • Choose your DR rating
  • Self service option
  • Varied pricing options 



  • Gets pricey quickly



No-BS is another great option for building your authority without hours of work. Their flexible options are great for agencies. 

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Final Thoughts

Link building is a core factor in SEO, so it is a necessity for your website to thrive. Use these guest posting and blog outreach softwares to create quality backlinks for your website with ease!

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Pittsburgh SEO Companies: 9 Best SEO Services in Pittsburgh

If you’re looking for the best SEO experts in Pittsburgh, look no further. The Steel City is home to many businesses, all of which could use SEO to improve their website’s rankings and draw more customers through their doors. 

Choosing a Pittsburgh SEO company can be difficult, however. It’s important to pick a reputable SEO agency that you can trust with your website. We’ve done the research for you, so you can find the best SEO services in Pittsburgh with ease. 

Top 9 SEO Agencies in Pittsburgh

Check out our list and reviews of the best Pittsburgh SEO companies. These SEO agencies are located in Pittsburgh, so they’re a great choice to represent your business in the greater Pittsburgh area and beyond. 

These are the Best Pittsburgh SEOs:

      1. Paper Box SEO
      2. Pittsburgh SEO Magician
      3. Cosmitto
      4. Think Big Marketing
      5. Direct Online Marketing
      6. SEO Vineyard
      7. ProFromGo
      8. EyeFlow Internet Marketing
      9. Pittsburgh SEO Services


Paper Box SEO

paper box seo

Paper Box SEO provides “SEO that pays for itself” by helping businesses grow. This boutique SEO agency limits the number of clients they take on, putting passion and effort into projects they care about. Each of their clients gets personal attention and better focus because they remain small.

Paper Box SEO has great reviews and customer testimonials for social proof of their successes. Their case studies show that they work in various industries, with clients ranging from personal portrait websites, law firms, tour companies, and more. 

This Pittsburgh SEO company provides a host of SEO services, from local SEO to on-page, technical, and auditing. They also offer consulting services, link building, content writing, and keyword research to their clients.


  • On-page SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Link building
  • Keyword research
  • SEO audits
  • Content writing
  • SEO consulting



Pittsburgh SEO Magician

pittsburgh seo magician

The Pittsburgh SEO Magician is one of the best options for improving your website’s search rankings in the Pittsburgh area. This service promises “more visibility, leads, and sales online.” They offer a free SEO analysis to start you off, so you can learn more about your website’s performance. 

Pittsburgh SEO Magician promises no outsourcing or blackhat tactics – all marketing is done in-house by their search engine optimization professionals. Unlike others, they guarantee a page 1 result on Google or customers do not have to pay. 

The Pittsburgh SEO Magician is one of the top ranked SEOs in Pittsburgh, so they know how to rank websites for Google search results. They also offer a host of marketing services, including PPC management, reputation management, social media, and website design.


  • Search engine optimization
  • SEO consulting 
  • Local SEO
  • Business citation listings
  • Pay per click management
  • Reputation management
  • Social media marketing
  • Website design





Cosmitto is a full service digital marketing agency. They offer tailored solutions to fit your website and business needs, with a collaborative team of marketers working on each project. Located in downtown Pittsburgh, they work with both local clients and larger, national accounts. 

Cosmitto is committed to providing lasting client relationships and real results, with transparent reporting on their practices and the results. They offer custom solutions for clients, focusing on their goals and core values so that their campaign fits their brand. 

Cosmitto goes beyond just SEO, offering digital advertising including Google Ads and social media advertising, web design and development, social media strategy, creation, and publishing, and more.


  • Digital advertising and analytics
  • Web design and development
  • Email marketing and automation
  • Social media management
  • Social listening
  • Reputation management
  • On and off-page SEO
  • Keyword research
  • Content strategy and creation



Think Big Marketing

think big marketing

Think Big Marketing is another Pittsburgh-based agency that offers digital marketing services. They are focused on helping businesses grow and thrive via their online marketing, so business owners can focus on the day-to-day needs of their business. 

Think Big is a small team of SEO experts committed to helping clients improve their search rankings to drive traffic, leads, sales, and other conversions. They use data-drive marketing techniques, omnichannel optimization, and a people-focused approach to create affordable solutions for clients.

Think Big Marketing works in various industries, including ecommerce, dentists, doctor’s offices, law firms, contractors, and more. They can work in SEO consulting, full SEO services including on-page, off-page, local, and content marketing. 


  • SEO consulting
  • Technical SEO audit
  • On-page optimization
  • Multi-level research
  • Content optimization
  • Local SEO



Direct Online Marketing

direct online marketing

Direct Online Marketing is a Pittsburgh agency that creates custom solutions for their clients. They specialize in SEO, PPC, and social media marketing and advertising. Direct Online Marketing is a Google Premier Partner and has a host of positive reviews online. 

This Pittsburgh digital marketing firm offers various solutions to improve your search rankings and drive traffic to your website and business. They have a high retention rate, which suggests that they perform well for their clients. This is attributed to the “DOM Difference” – their focus on using only best practices and proven solutions.

Direct Online Marketing is a full service marketing agency that offers more than just SEO. Aside from search engine optimization, they provide PPC advertising, social media advertising and retargeting, site migration, and more.


  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Social media ads
  • Retargeting
  • Website migration
  • CRO
  • International SEM
  • Marketing analytics
  • Amazon marketing
  • App store optimization
  • Training and speaking



SEO Vineyard

seo vineyard

SEO Vineyard is a digital marketing agency with a focus on SEO. They offer a free marketing evaluation to start out, so you can see their opinions on your website’s performance before you commit to their services. SEO Vineyard has a 5-star rating on their Google My Business reviews, with many happy clients. 

SEO Vineyard strives to grow your business by improving online visibility and increasing your customer base to increase revenue. Clients are provided with monthly reports showing quantitative metrics for success. They work directly with many businesses in the Pittsburgh area and beyond, so if you’re in need of local SEO assistance, SEO Vineyard can help.

This agency offers their services to various businesses across different industries. While they specialize in SEO, they also offer website design, designing over 300 websites for clients, social media, PPC ads, and more.


  • Search engine optimization
  • Website design
  • PPC advertising
  • Social media management
  • Directory management
  • Content marketing
  • Hosting services
  • Google Analytics reports





ProFromGo is a self-proclaimed “one stop web presence shop,” so you can rely on this agency for every aspect of your digital marketing needs. They have a host of happy clients in the greater Pittsburgh area and beyond, serving a wide range of industries and types of businesses. 

ProFromGo has a series of useful case studies, shining client testimonials, and they even offer free resources like eBooks for businesses to learn SEO and online marketing at home. They strive to make their clients’ marketing “systematic, scalable, and fun”. 

Aside from SEO services, ProFromGo offers a full-scale inbound marketing solution for clients, taking customers through the sales cycle from awareness to conversion. They provide custom web design, various marketing solutions, and even offer Google Street View Virtual Tours of businesses.


  • Search engine optimization
  • Custom web design
  • Google Street View Virtual Tours
  • G Suite for Business
  • Inbound marketing
  • Content marketing and content creation
  • Email marketing 
  • Social media management
  • Website analytics
  • Workflow automation



EyeFlow Internet Marketing

eyeflow internet marketing

EyeFlow Internet Marketing is focused on helping clients build their online authority to rank better in organic search results and beyond. With 13 years of internet marketing under their belt, EyeFlow Internet Marketing is one of the best in the Pittsburgh area, with awards, testimonials, and case studies to prove it.

EyeFlow strives to help your business grow and thrive through online channels, finding new audiences through various methods and platforms. Their inbound marketing solutions begin with defining goals, strengthening your website’s foundation, and developing strategy and execution tuned to your business. 

On top of search engine optimization services, EyeFlow offers a full service marketing platform. They also offer content marketing and content creation, PPC advertising, and more.


  • Search engine optimization
  • Content marketing
  • Social media services
  • Pay per click
  • Web design consulting
  • Google penalty recovery
  • Speaking engagements



Pittsburgh SEO Services

pittsburgh seo services

Aptly named, Pittsburgh SEO Services is an inbound marketing and advertising consultant focused on SEO. This agency handles an assortment of digital marketing services for their clients. 

Pittsburgh SEO Services’ website has a host of free SEO tools that can check your website traffic, SEO analysis, performance optimization tool, mobile friendliness tests, and free eBooks to learn SEO practices on your own. If you pay for their services, they guarantee top Google search results within 90 days or you get your money back. 

Aside from search engine optimization, Pittsburgh SEO Services offers web design services, local citation listings, social media management, hosting, and more. They even offer graphic design services like logo design, and they can help websites affected by negative SEO.


  • Search engine optimization
  • Local SEO
  • Reputation management
  • Google penalties and recovery
  • WordPress website development
  • Facebook Ad Management
  • Google Adwords Management
  • Web hosting domain management
  • Logo design
  • Email management 
  • Social media marketing


Final Thoughts

Find the best SEO company in Pittsburgh to support your business! The right search engine optimization services can help you rank better in Google search results, bringing in traffic, leads, sales, and customers for your business.

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